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Senin, 15 Mei 2017

Marcus Lemonis Net Worth 2017

Curious about Marcus Lemonis net worth and salary ? check it out guys! ;) to be honest I don't know who he is! but I read a little about his net worth in some website! and they said Marcus Lemonis have net worth more than 900 million dollar! for me that don't have millions of dollar, 900 million are amazing number! so it make me wondering how the Heck he do that! I mean, we all know doing business can make us rich! but successful people like Marcus are very rare! so I am really curious about how he make millions of dollar net worth! so I dig in into youtube, and finally I found good tips from Marcus directly! you better watch it guys! especially if you want to be rich like him! 😎

Markus Lemonis was born in Beirut, Lebanon on 1977! so now he's about 40 years old! not bad for 40 years old man! lol! 😂  but another fun fact that you should know is, Marcus don't have business degree! in fact his college are in political science and criminology at Marquette University! to be honest, I never thought political science can help to run successful business! but of course criminology at some point can help your business! 😂 (it's a joke) 

anyway, even Marcus don't have business degree, but he learn about business from his family! because his family owning the largest Chevrolet dealerships in US! so at some point having family that run a business can really help you a lot to become successful! in short family business background can help significantly than a piece of papers! i.e business degree!

After I watch his video tips, I can see successful business from Marcus Perspective are, first Business Plan! e.g what product, what about markets, how to sell, and what to do if your business doesn't work out, and etc. secondly is enough capital! we all know doing business will not get you good result in first 6 month to 1year! so you need enough capital to stay survived in business! if we have enough capitals, there is a chance that you can survive and make successful business in second years! the third is a To do List ! at some point if we doing business there's a time when we get confused and don't know what to do about our business! so the list can really help you a lot to make clear path about how to run a good business! at least for new people in business, a To Do list can help you a lot!

The fourth is take care people around you, that work together with you! such a employee, friends or anyone that help you to run a business! for Marcus, employee are very important! because when your employee happy, it will effecting your costumer! so bottom line is, if employee happy, your costumer also happy! and no.5 is! knowledge! for some people knowledge is your weapon to stay survived in business! because if you don't have any knowledge about your business, basically it will wasting your times! in short, if you don't know about the business, then you shouldn't in that business from the beginning!

No six is, reinvent! its like creating new way and make better methods! the idea is to make your business more efficient and effective! because sometime old method are no longer efficient! as result your business is not profitable! for another no 7 to 10! you can do that stuff easily, because once you in business and already getting use to it! you will automatically do no, 7 to 10! i.e stay a head and stand out! but for a start learn the basic are the more reasonable way to do business!

anyway guys, I think that 10 tips from Marcus, are good tips! and can really help you to run your own business!

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