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Minggu, 14 Mei 2017

Marley's Wisconsin Dells Review

I think Marley's Wisconsin dells are good place to visit! they have night club, restaurant, theme park, swimming pools and etc! I think they have good concept about one stop place for family! because they almost have about everything! if I were you and my house near with Wisconsin dells, for sure I will try to visit them!

in years 2015, there is an accident at Marley's about they kicking out some kids! and the reason they doing it is because their family bring food from outside, and a father that kids doing a threats and said he will make this video go viral in social media! as result Marley's security going mad and kick them out from dells! but its already long time ago! just to reminding :D heheheh!

anyway, for me personally I like to visit some famous place! just like everyone else! and want to know about what they have and why they are so famous among the people! but of course, a place like that, most of the time, some people have bad experiences with them! but it doesn't mean their service are bad, or something! but it could happen to us!

I also read Marley's dells review at google, some user felt disappoint with dells services! some said, too long! some said they ignoring them, and said this and that! and bla..bla..! if that happen to me! of course, I will write negative reviews! 😂 and give 1 star to dells! but unfortunately, I never been visit Marley's dells! so I don't have bad experiences with them! but if one day I visit them! I will try their night clubs! and for sure the aquatic theme park! because what make Wisconsin dells are so famous because they self  claimed as capital water of the world! so I can imagine what they will offer!

Anyway guys, if you near with Wisconsin! Marley's dell are your must visit place! before you go  old and die! 😂 but since my distance with Marley's dells are to far(more than 20.000 kilo meter) so I think I should forget about them! and move on! 😎 lol!  but who knows right, Maybe some nice people will give me  free ticket to Wisconsin and visit Marley's dells! 😂  lmao!
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