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Senin, 15 Mei 2017

Massbay Blackboard Account

Massbay Blackboard

If you forget or loss ID and password and can't login to massbay blackboard account, here a few tips you can do, to get your ID and pass back or to reset! there a few things you can do if this happen! because some people sometime do forget something, or maybe lost and don't know where to find some ID login or passwords!

All you have to do is just call MassBay HelpDesk at 781-239-2440! ask them about the step how to get your ID and passwords! sometime you can do reset and change old passwords to the new one! but in order to do this, you have to get some link or instruction from web master or server!  that's why you should ask them and call them! I am sure in just a few hours, you can get that stuff! 

to be honest with you when I go college, sometime I do forget something that really important! but I always thought that's not a big problems, because when I forget I just need a tool as reminder! and for this case, i.e forget a passwords! all we have to do is ask the webmaster or server, and tell them you lost your ID and pass! maybe they will ask your college ID, as verification! after that done, usually they will reset for you, or you get some link to reset old passwords and ID! because your account mean privacy, so they just can give you ID and passwords, because if they were do that! that will be a problems in future, especially if that account have something that valuable!  anyway guys, I think that's all I want to say about Massbay blackboard! 😂

Good day and be safe! 😎
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