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Minggu, 21 Mei 2017

Mypremiercreditcard Complete Reviews


If you want apply with mypremiercreditcard, you should read this first! previously, I already write about them, but its not complete and accurate! but this time, I will make complete review, since I got better info than before! anyway, before I review mypremiercreditcard actually I visit their site! but the weird thing is, they never reveal their APR, fee, penalty and etc! I only read some statement in their about US page! they said, they are top 20 issuer of Master Cards! and already served millions people world wide! 

Usually for company that already become top 20, they will play hard to get, and the most obvious, is they will give better APR, such 8% , or max APR after intro is about 14% like Citibank! but I what I found is, they have no APR intro, their regular APR about 36% , balance transfer not allowed, annual fee for first year about $125, and after that annual fee are about $50! cash advance fee about 5%  and their credit limit are very small about under $1000! for veteran in Credit cards the data above already describe about who they are ! and which type! 

To be honest with you guys, when I read mypremiercreditcard about US page, and they claimed that the already served millions people world wide and as top 20 player in their industry, it make me doubt, about my previous review! but after read here and there' actually my prediction is right! they are secondary company in credit card industry! and most of them will charge high fee, high APR, and no intro APR! and bla..bla..!  so, if you want to apply with them! that's ok! especially if your credit score are not good or have bad credit! but if you have good credit score! my suggestion is, try to find better option! because no APR intro, and regular APR 36% are quite shocking for top 20 player in Credit cards industry! lol! anyway, if you live around North Carolina, try this company "State Employees  ncsecu"!  because their APR are the lowest! i.e 8%! many veteran credit card want to apply with them! but it seem they only allowed person that live around North Carolina!

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