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Kamis, 18 Mei 2017

My premier credit card Reviews


Today I am gonna review about My premier credit card ! the good the bad, Pro and con! if we talk about Credit card most of the time, they almost the same! but same credit card company can give good offers, and some will give bad services!  to knowing this actually its not that hard! and you don't have to use it to knowing bad credit card company or not!

If I can classified there are two type of credit card company! the first one usually the good one! most of them are hard to get, because they will give you a headache administrative requirement! e.g good salary, credit score, your debt, your bills and etc! and most of you can't qualify and get this kind of credit card! yep! they play hard to get! 😂

But since most credit card industry know, that you can't pas their scan! so the second type appear to the surface! yep! 😂 the bad one! most of the time, these kind of company will charge you double fee than the averages, since they know you can't get the best one! so the second type already know your situation! so I am sure, they will squeeze you to make decent profit! anyway guys, just FYI, I never said mypremiercreditcard are the bad one! I just said, if you get credit card that to easy to get approved! its already indication that they will give you some trouble! 😂

Based on my experience when using credit card, the good one always picky! of course they doing promotional stuff , friendly, etc bla..bla..! but most of the are hard, for cheapskate like me, and have no big salary! even if I apply to them! in the end, they will decline my application! the reason actually are quite simple! my Credit score are not good enough to get their trust!

And if I need CC so bad! whether I like it or not, I have to go the second one! most of the time, they will approve almost instantly! as long I have clear resident, and salary! its more than enough to get approval from them! but as result if I get easy approval, most of the time, the interest of credit card uses, usually will higher, and the their system are not good, sometime from claims are taking to long, and to get the transaction report are more than a week! so imagine, if some one use my CC without my knowledge, I can get some trouble!

so, when I deal with the second type! I have to realize, that they service are not good! sometime the fee and interest are to expensive, yearly fee, interest and etc! and also the report are taking to long! and if I don't mind with that small little things, then the second type, would be no problems!  but my point is! since my mypremiercreditcard already stated in their website, that they are the second type, and  will approved application with less than perfect to obtain credit card, so you must realize, what kind of services, that they will give to you! so I think they already play fair enough! especially if you visit and read their about US pages!  the conclusion is, they are the second type! so, you must realize about the situation!

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