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Minggu, 21 Mei 2017

Openskycc Credit Card Review


To be honest openskycc are not Good! but if you have low credit score, or bad credit, openskycc are the best offer for you! why ? well, for some reason, I believe they will not reject your application! unless you have problems with Law, probably they will reject your application not because of bad credit or what soever! but as far as know credit card company like openskycc are the easiest place to get approval! in fact they should approved your application, not less than 5 minutes! if they can do that,  I am impress with them :D! lol 

Some of you maybe questioning why , and why so easy to get approved with openskycc credit cards ? well, first of all, their existence are to teach you and some people that have  bad or no credit history! that's why when you get approved with them, you must deposit money to Capital Bank  NA! it mean openskyCC are secured credit cards, that will needing security deposit! so, basically their company are have no risk, doing business with you! first you will not run away or default, secondly, its same like using your own money, but you have to pay APR about 18%! 😂 and transfer fund 5% each transaction, and etc! but my point is, if you have bad credit score, openskycc, is your school to get certification, and build or fix your credit score! 

But, after second thought! I think their services are not bad, since most credit company that accept bad credit usually will double their APR ! but it seem they using standard APR, about 18%! but of course, if I were you, and want to build my credit score! I want to deal with high level bank, or company! suc as Bank Of America or something! usually every bank, have secured credit cards! and most secured credit card are intended to build your credit score! and most company will glad accepting you as their costumer! because by applying secured credit cards, bank have no risk at all! and if we have secured credit card with top bank, it will likely, the little bank, will give you good offer! 😎 trust me!  because little bank, get data from Big bank! so if you have good score with big Bank, then automatically, the little bank, will after you to use their product! especially if you can build your Fico score up to 800! 😎.

so the conclusion is, Openskycc are secured credit cards! so, nothing to review about them! I guess! 😂
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