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Sabtu, 06 Mei 2017

What is The Difference Between Mono and Poly Solar Panels

mono-crystalline solar panel

Want to know, what is the difference between mono and poly solar panels ? Check it out guys ;) basically the different between these two solar panels in simple term is monocrystalline are have better quality! meanwhile for polycrystalline solar panels are lower quality! that's why you can get them more cheaper at amazon or ebay! 

The easiest way to recognize which one mono and poly cell, are by seeing their color! typically mono crystalline are have darker color than poly crystalline! as you already know!, darker color are better to absorb sunlight! that's why they can produce electricity much more better than poly solar panels cell! and because of that, they will need less panels than poly! it mean if you buy poly panels, you will need to have more panels than mono! it mean, it will use more space!  

But if you just start doing solar panels stuff! my suggestion is try poly panels instead! because it less expensive, and remember! your main goal is to learn about solar panels system, not power up all your house appliance! 😎 and that goal are still long way to go! but if you already know in and out almost everything about solar panels system! power up your house appliance with solar energy are not that hard! but for now, try to learn about they system first! after all you can build solar energy with less than $300! 

But, if you have big budget! and don't mind to spend 25k USD to buy high quality solar panels system! then go a head, don't listen my suggestion 😅 but if you on the same boat like me! try with ebay, and buy lower quality! because the goal are to knowing, not to power up your house with solar energy!
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