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Sabtu, 20 Mei 2017

Activate PNC Credit Card

PNC Credit Card

Why you should activate PNC credit card ? well here's a good reason why you should have PNC credit cards! first no annual fee! secondly you will get APR 0% interest rate for intro purchases for 15 billing cycles! third their APR after intro periods end, are about 10% to 20%! but it will depend on your credit worthiness! try to ask them about APR for purchase and cash advances! if they can offer 10% for cash advances, or maybe 10% for purchases, its more than good! because even for Citibank, they only give 14% APR for purchases! so if you can get 10% from them, you can save about 4%! 

But before you get excited try to read this articles, why some people have bad credit, and what best solution to deal with it! for sure, applying another credit cards are not wise things to do! in fact it can make your debt increase more and more! the only solution is to realize that most people have a lot credit cards, and still get a away with debt problems is simply because they have another source of incomes, and they know how to cover 24% APR each years! if you do that, then apply more credit cards are not bad idea! but if your income can't cover 2 interest rate per month, applying more credit cards, could be the last thing you should do!

anyway, PNC bank product not only Credit cards! they also have virtual wallet! read my review in here(PNC virtual Wallet)! their virtual wallet are mobile apps! so you can check your PNC account anytime you want every where! and to check your PNC balance is free cost! but of course if you do transaction to another bank, you have to pay some fee for doing transfer! but if you have online store, or selling some stuff in amazon or ebay, I think PNC wallet are not bad Idea!  anyway guys, thanks for reading! 😂
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