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Selasa, 16 Mei 2017

PNC Virtual Wallet Review

PNC Virtual Wallet

Read this before using PNC virtual wallet! PNC virtual wallet is virtual bank account based on smartphone Apps! in short PNC virtual wallet is mobile apps! there's a benefit if we have this in our mobile! but it doesn't mean always good! 😎 the benefit from using this apps, is you can check your PNC bank account anytime you want, without any fee, or what so ever! but of course if you doing transaction such as buy, sell or maybe trasnfer your money to PNC or different bank, they will charge you some a little money!

In short benefit using PNC virtual wallet can save your time and money! especially if your business transaction depend with PNC! if you have online business such as selling on ebay,  amazon! or maybe you have your own e commerce store! i think it will benefiting your business a lot! as we all know doing online business mean, we have to check our transaction almost every time! especially if we already have a lot of costumer bases! 

For me personally doing business online, need virtual bank account! well of course, I also have Paypal! but unfortunately paypal is not enough! I need virtual bank! because some of my costumer, sometime don't have any papypal, especially for mom and pops! they don't know how to make it and also don't have time to create paypal account since they only buy some stuff via online just once or two! so if this situation happen to you! PNC virtual account  is the most reasonable apps they you must have! 

in 3 paragraph I already tell you about benefit for using PNC ! so now its the time to tell the Con! why using  PNC virtuall wallet always not be a good reason ? well, there are a lot of reason! first PNC virtuall account its a  Mobile apps! mean, your money in your mobile! imagine if you loose your smartphone! and some one stole it from you ? well, I think that would be a nightmare I guess! 😂 since most thief are already smart with technology! so saving your money in your mobile it's not always a  genius idea! 😎 secondly is if you have a lot of unknown apps! download from the middle of no where! don't put this apps in your mobile! period! because there's a time when some apps, put some weird code and stole your Id and pass! so be careful and make your smartphone that have PNC virtuall account are clean! no free stuff from site W or something! stay safe guys! 

Third is,  most of mobile apps, most of the time have slow and have a lot of bugs to fix! so sometime, their apps, can be very annoying! but after times, they will fix the bug, error and etc! then that apps would be stable and clean and more fast than before! last but not least! when we talk about local bank from offline to go online! there's a chance that their services are not good as online business! such as paypal or any payment gateway! they don't have confirmation system, they don't have system to hold and etc! because most of bank system is, when you do transfer, it mean your money go to that account! and its different with paypal! you have 3 month to change your mind! 😂 well of course that would be a nightmare for seller! but on the other hand, its also can create some safeness! my suggestion is before you transfer any money from PNC account! make sure the name and the account number match! because once you click the button! that's it! its all gone! 😂 anyway guys, thanks for reading my review! 😎
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