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Kamis, 25 Mei 2017

what credit cards does sam's club accept

what credit cards does sam's club accept ? as far as I know sam accept samsclubcredit! but of course they will happy to accept any visa cards, master cards, or debit cards! because most merchant will accept cards that have visa or master cards logo as payment! If you want to buy sam's club diamond rings try with sam's credit cards because they have nice APR! and almost same like Citibank APR, about 15% to 23% ! and also they offer 5% cash back for purchase on gas, and 5% for travel and dining and 1% for other purchases! 

to be honest, I would be interested using their credit cards, to buy diamonds ring from them! because if they give 1% cash back and their APR only about 15% to be honest, it good offer! but not sure, 23% APR for purchases or cash advances! because most of decent credit cards company will charge 15% APR for purchases! but for not decent company they will charge 23% APR for any kind purchases! so its kind of little dirty trick to apply top APR for any kind purchases! if you know what I mean! 😂 

Usually when you apply credit cards company that have decent APR such as 14-15% most likely they will have high standard credit score! unless they have secured credit cards!they will accept applicant with no credit history or bad credit! anyway guys, thanks for reading my blog 😂
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