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Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

How much does it cost to buy solar panels

solar panels system cost

How much does it cost to buy solar panels ? well the answer are depend on your option, and which system will you choose! tied grid or off grid! if you choose tied grid, most of the time the cost would be expensive! because you'll need pro service/company to set up tied grid solar panels system! and most tied grid always have big watt and also needing to connect directly to electricity company! and it mean almost impossible to do DIY installation. and as far as I know, it is illegal to cut or connect to electricity tied grid without permission.

But if you choose off grid, then you can save a lot of money! because you can DIY solar panels installation! and good news is, there are so many forum or information about how to install solar panels system in your own home with less cost! for example, average tied grid installation cost are about 25-35 thousand dollar for 5 kilo watt system! or $7 dollar per watt! but if we choose off grid, we can buy solar panels kits at local stores, or amazon or even on ebay with cheap prices! 

solar panels cells for 1000 watt capacity the price about $1460, for mono crystalline type! but if you buy polly crystalline, actually you can get a half prices! but of course the quality are different! and if you buy 1000 watt package, usually you already get inverter, charger controller and etc! so you only need to buy battery to make your own solar panels system! yep, with less $2000 you can get 1 kilo watt system! it mean price per watt are only about $2 for off grid system! 😎  and just  like I said above, if you choose poly crystalline you can get a half prices! 😎 yep! $1 per watt!

so the conclusion is, if you want to save solar panels system cost, you need to do DIY solar panels installation and choose off grid system! because you can save ten thousand dollar if you choose different system!
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