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Selasa, 23 Mei 2017

Why are Solar Panels so Expensive

solar panels expensive

Why are solar panels so expensive ? here the the number 1 reason why solar panels system becomes so expensive!, but if you cut this culprit! trust me! it will be less cost!  if we talk about solar panels system basically its only contain 4 parts! solar panels cells, charger controller, inverter and battery! solar panels cells convert sunlight into electricity! battery to save the energy, so we can use that electricity later! charger controller are to control electricity charging! meanwhile inverter to change electrcity AC/DC, in and out from battery to home appliances!

most of these 3 parts, e.g solar cells, inverter, and charger controller the average price are about $100 to $500! but for battery! the price sometime very high, same as new cars! 😂 some people sell, $10.000 for 1 battery that have 5KW capacity, and some have price up to $25k USD! so imagine if you have to build 5kw system!  so, you have to spend at least about $10.000 just for battery! but if you can solve this mystery! then your panels system would be very cheap!  in short you can get cheap electricy for real! 😎

previously I already said, you can get cheap price battery at amazon or ebay! it's battery made in China! some of them have cheap prices about $100 or less! but most of them are in between $1000! for 1 kw! so if you buy 5 battery, you can have 5Kw system! but the question is! is it possible to get more cheaper than $5k USD ? well, recently I just found best way, to solve this issue! to be honest, I never expected about the idea of cheap solar panels system! because no mater what, the price would be, about $5000!

But since I found this good methods! and fit for all! if you learn about this! you can save a lot for sure! 😂 the solution actually its not complicated or what soever! because all you have to do, is by second use battery in local market or near with your home! and then reconditioning that battery and make it into a new battery!and that's it! you can save 10.000 dollar! 😎 cool huh! next time, I will try to cover how to reconditioning old battery into a new!
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