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Sabtu, 06 Mei 2017

Where to find Lowest price solar panels per watt ?

solar panel price per watt chart

Want to know where to find lowest price solar panels per watt ? check it out guys ;)! finding good price for solar panels, basically are quite hard! since the demand from time to time are always increase! the reason why it happen, and not only trend! are simply because solar panels for long term, are quite profitable, and for certain time, solar panels especially for portable type! it can very useful! 

If you looking for, the lowest price installation per watt, I bet you'll not find a good deal! even its good deal! I am quite positive it will not have big difference! average cost for solar panels installation about $7-$9 per watt! so if you want 5k system! you have to spend about 25k to  35 thousand dollar! but of course for some people 25k USD are not big deal! but if you have situation like me! 25k USD are big deal! 😎 

The most important question is, why installation cost are so expensive? and where to find the lowest price per watt solar panels ? if you want to know the truth! basically the real culprit its on you! 😎  and if you take a notice, the biggest cost are because you not doing anything! yes, labor cost take about 15% from total installation cost! and also the price solar kits are too expensive! 

I already check many website that sell solar panels system! but I never find good deal! most of them sell about $5 per watt! but if we tweak a little, and choose off grid solar panels system! the cost can be very very cheap! yep! with less than $1000 you can have 1 kilo watt system! 😎 but if you prefer with tied grid! well, I think you will have no choice beside to pay $25 thousand dollar! 

yep! the real problems are between off grid and tied grid! if we compare tied grid installation with off grid! it can make huge different with the cost! because with off grid you have better option to choose best price, and find the cheap solar panels kits! but if you choose tied grid! whether you like it or not, you have to use contractor product! it mean very expensive! 

Here the truth about solar panels price!with $716 you can get 1000 watt system! you will get, solar power generator, 240 watt solar panels cells, inverter, charger controller! and good news is, it's portable generator! it mean, you just need to plug in the panels to generator! and that's it! you ready to go! 😂

most of people always choose tied grid instead off grid! of course for safety, tied grid are more safe! than off grid! but unfortunately, tied gird are always expensive! because tied grid are handle by pro! and big company! and if we talk about pro, and big company! for sure, there's no cheap prices! 😎 to be honest with you guys, if I want to install tied grid!, why I need solar panels system ?  because from the first beginning I already have electricity! and why I have to spend 25 thousand dollar, right ?

But of course, if I want to look cool with my neighbor! installing solar panels that cost 25 thousand dollar are sound bragging without saying! 😂😂 I am sure most of your friend will saying this words! no 5hit man! 25k for electricity! 😱 you the man bro! lol! 25 thousand dollar for most people are 1 year salary! 😎

My point is,! average cost for solar panels installation! are about $5 per watt! so if your house consume about 5k watt, at least you have to spend about 25.000 dollar! if you can afford with big cost! then go a head and do it! but if you don't have big cost! try off grid and do Solar panels DIY! all you have to do is find solar kits on amazon or ebay! in there you'll get cheap prices!

PS. If I were you, I will choose mono crystalline cell panels rather than polycrystalline! and try to  find the product that can give 25 years guarantee! but fo other parts, such as inverter, charger controller, and battery! you can chose china product, to save more money! and for installation labor! find handy man, that knowing about electricity! I am sure he can finish the jobs easily!
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