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Jumat, 12 Mei 2017

Kickass Solar Panels Reviews! Read This before you buy!

solar panels reviews

Want to know about kickass, solar panels products ? well, check it out guys! ;) to be honest, almost all product of solar panels actually are already good and qualify for standard use, at least most product can give 5 years guarantee, and some can give 25 years guarantee! but actually 5 years guarantee already more than enough because almost solar panels product the effectiveness will decrease after times! 

So if you not sure, or asking which one product that the best from all brand! I can definitely said all product are good! as long they have brand, give you 5 years guarantee, and price are reasonable! after all, we build solar panels system its not because to make electricity company! right ? but my point is, we use solar panels system to kill our curious about the fact almost everyone talk about green lifestyle! or maybe no ? but for me personally build solar panels system are because I am curious and is it true, that solar panels can produce electricity! that's the first reason why I am curious about this Industry, at least that reason are good enough to try solar panels system!

Anyway if we talk about product! any product from manufacture e.g spare part, solar panels cell or what so ever! most of the time, they have 1 or two factory! because with that way, they can save and cut some unimportant cost! such as labor cost, maintenance cost, warehouse cost, production or what so ever! and if you see at any marketplace, you'll see they made in china! yep! 😎 it mean white label! for example, I have good brand names! lets say Harrist! I have a lot of people that really into solar panels system! I want to make profit from these community! do you think it would be effective if I build giant factory just to build solar panels kits ? what do you think ?  but on the other hand, I also want to make some money and profit! 

So the question is, how to make profit without to build factory but still make huge profits ? 😎 yep that's right! you genius, guys! I purchase a product from china, and then I put my brand or labels on that product! 😂 and that's it! caching caching! 😍 Harrist solar panels system available at Amazon! only $199! 😂

most of importer knows this kind of stuff! at least most principle know, if they cooperate with branded company, they don't have to worry to sell their product in warehouse! it less hassle, less marketing cost and etc! just FYI, marketing cost for some company or product can be very devastating! for several cases, it can pass the production cost! but my point is, most of company know this games! here's a good example! do you think your smartphone that have have price $200 produce in your country ? no!! china made it! and then some company put sticker on it! and that's it! they ready to go! and sell on amazon or ebay! 😂

Before we conclude something, I have to tell you something! when I said all product are same, it doesn't mean all product are good or bad as the good one! some brand put high standard, and some are not! but you can tell whether they good or not, its from how long they play in that industry! for example! if some EFG company play in that industry more than 25 years! there's possibility that they have better product from their competitor! a lot of reason, but if have solar panels factory, and I have big client, and already with me more than 25 years, do you think I will give some crap! ? heck no! I will give them my best product, high standard, good shape, full support and etc! yep, if you want to chose good product! you should know how long they already in this industry! if they already here, more than 20 years! most of they time, they will sell good product! but on the other hand, they also will charge more price! 

But if you have tight budge! and have no intention to build electricity company! here's my suggestion! choose the product that can give 5-10 years guarantee! because that your best bet to get cheap product with low price! but remember make sure, you know company location! because if 1 years, your solar panels broken! call them, and ask guarantee!
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