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Minggu, 14 Mei 2017

Midco Speed Test Reviews

midco speed test!

Recently I am curious about my internet connection speed! then I test with Midco speed test and try to find out, about my internet speed! and the result are! 12 Mbps for download and 1,3 for upload! to be honest this is not my top speed, because I test in some where place other than Midco speed test, I get better result! and also because my ISP promise me, to give 100 Mbps ! I am not sure 100 Mbps what for, is it for download, or 50:50, 50 mbps for download and 50 for upload! 

To be honest with you guys, when some ISP company told me, they can give 100 Mbps, I am not sure what is that mean! lol 😂  because all I know they promise me and I pay for 100 Mbps! but when I test with midco it seem 12, 5!  that's sucks! 😂 but since I am quite genius and curious about WTF is Mbps! then I try to read some article in some forum about internet speed! and here the fact, that you guys, must now! 😎

Why when some ISP told you, you get 100 Mbps internet connection! but when you test! you only get 12,5 Mbps ? 😎 I bet you all curious about the different! why the different are so much big! from 100 to 12! 😂 For G0d 5ake that is a pure rip off! 😂 huahahaha! but when I read some articles, it seem the different from 100 to 12, are simply because of the B(big) letter with b(small)! ! 😂 

To be honest with you guys, the ISP company are genius! 😂 because they never told you get 100 Mega Byte per second ? right! instead, they tell you! you get 100Mbps! not MBps 😎 yep! B are for byte! meanwhile b are for bit! and the different are 1Byte equals with 8 bit! it mean when they promise to give you 100 Mbps(bit) you only get 12,5 MBps(byte)! lol! 😂 yep! that's is a pure rip off! and that is a GENIUS! 😂 yep! you sleazy a55!  😂 I never tell all company ISP are sleazy! 😎 I just tell, they never explain the different between Byte and Bits! 😂 and that's what make them are so sleazy! 😎

Anyway guys, I think Midco are no different between one to another ISP! they all same, the different only the packages! some ISP will give you discount and free internet fee for 3 month or so! meanwhile for another ISP, they can give better price and cheaper! anyway, that's my review about midco and speed test result! I hope you guys like it! 😎
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