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Rabu, 17 Mei 2017

Navient Student Loans Be Careful Guys!

navient student loan

What you should know about Navient student loans ? first of all if we talk about loan, borrow, debt or something like that! we should know there's two type of lender! first is federal loans, and secondly is private loans! for some people make a loans from private company are bad Idea! and its already happen often times! what is ? well, here's the logic! most of lender money are came from a bank! 😎 it could be third party! but for sure the interest rate would be double than normal rates! because if they charge normal interest, they can't make money! right ? in a nut shell, borrow money from private or non bank, or non federal, most of time will take you long time to pay! 😂

That's our first logic! the second logic that you must know! about private lender is, most of them are almost same like loan sharks! 😎 it mean, if you borrow money 10k USD! after a years, they will charge you almost triple! yep! you can't pay! even if you can, it will take to long! you'll felt guilty! because you think its not fair, to much or what so ever! and that's what make loan business are forbid! at least for private loan business government should make clear cut regulation! otherwise their people will deal with bankruptcy! I.e Financial crisis! and to be honest with you guys, I don't surprise if loan company getting sued from government!

Before you make loans to some company either its Navient, novice or what so ever! try to ask them! call them! here navient phone number! 1 888-272-5543 its their costumer service number! ask them whether their private company or federal loans! but of course, we can guess whether its federal or private, by seeing their administrative step! and most of private will give your loans easily without any heavey requirement! and most of them will not check your credit score! you only need some warranty and that's it! you ready to go!

If you still confident, that you can pay high interest and already decide to make loans from Navient! try to make some precautious or preventive action! to minimize the risk if some day you have to dealing with high interest rate! you can try to refinancing to federal loans, or maybe ask default or forgiveness! but most of forgiveness program with private loans company! actually forgiveness doesn't mean default! instead you have to do what their program said! it could be you have to work with their partner, or maybe you have to work with them! but bottom line is, forgiveness program for them are not default, instead they will give you some compensation or a little forgiveness! if you can do what they told ! 😎

here's my suggestion for you kids! don't make a loans, if you can't afford to pay! a simple as is that! anyway, even if you don't have any paper or degree, trust me! your future can be bright as a stars! 😎 because what will make you so successful its not because of your degree! but its all about effort to fix situation with limited sources! so if you can go college to famous university, without have to make some loans or dealing with loan sharks! for me personally, you already successful person! 😎

just want to share experiences with you! last time my neighbor borrow some money to loan sharks! he need capital to run his business! and he bet his house to get capital from loan shark! guess what happen ? 😎
that's right! he loose his house! and now he rent some small house somewhere in suburban! but moral story is! don't make a debt! even if you do, try to find the right institution! such as government bank that can offer low interest rates! because for sure, money don't guarantee that your plan will go as you wish! so learn and deal about real life! 😀 and one last thing! if you don't have money it doesn't mean you can't be successful! but if you have debt for sure! you will ruin your life, because a lot of pressure! in short, don't borrow money, if you can't afford!
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