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Kamis, 25 Mei 2017

Union Plus Credit Card Good or bad

union plus card credit card

To be honest, Union Plus Credit Card actually are not bad! since their APR are about 14% to 23% ! and also they have intro APR 0 % for 12 month! late fee about $35 and fee for cash advance are 4% ! from their APR, I can tell they are good company!  but as always, most of these company will needing high Credit score! so if you have problems with bad credit score, my suggestion is try with secured credit cards first! to build your FICO score! because bad credit or no credit history application with Union plus! most likely you'll get rejection! but who knows right ? I could be wrong! after all I just normal person like you guys! 😂

Here's my suggestion if you want to get best offer from credit cards company! try to build your score for 1 years or more! secondly use secured credit cards! make sure to get top company such as big bank, or credible financial credit institution! but the most reasonable and easy way is by asking your bank! I mean if you use Bank of America, ask costumer service if they have secured credit cards or no ? if they have, try to apply with secured credit cards! but if they can give you unsecured credit cards, then you lucky! just consider as bonus or what so ever! 

If you can pass and increase your credit score in 1 years, try to apply with top company! but my suggestion is, try federal credit union in your states! because most federal credit union have credit cards product, and also their APR are the lowest ! about 8%! you can't get 8% APR with Citibank! that for sure! 😎 but to make business with them, actually its not easy! but of course if you have good score! 😎 they can give you limit up to $30.000! i.e good capital to start home business! 😂  and the best from all is, you don't have to deal with loans headache! we all know making a loans, are big headache! this and that and so on! to be honest, a loan with 8% interest rates are very very rare! and FYI the different between loans and credit cards basically rely on qualification! and most loans will needing a warranty! but not for credit cards! that's why for most business man, credit cards are very very important! because that's the short cut to get loans with low interest rates! 😂  just FYI! don't use credit cards big limit to go shopping! because for sure, your hobby will not last for long! but if you do business with big credit cards limits! for sure you can cover 8% APR!
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