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Sabtu, 20 Mei 2017

Unsecured Credit Cards For Bad Credit! here's the tricks!

Bad Credit score

If you have bad credit score  and want to have unsecured credit cards without making any deposit! here the list of credit card company with instant approval or less headache!  first of all before I give the list, I want to give something or some Enlightenment! Why people have bad credit score!  first, most of them don't have additional income! secondly they have shopping hobby that not lead into productive way! and the last is, 5hit happen! if we look into this 3 reason, the biggest problems with bad credit score, are simply because no income to cover their shopping hobby! 

and most people that can get away with credit card debt, are people that have additional income! it could be home business, small business or hobby to sell some stuff and get profit to cover 24% credit cards interest rates! so the most reasonable solution for people that have bad credit is by creating new additional income! because if you apply unsecured credit card to cover previous debt, trust me! it doesn't work! because its like digging a hole to cover another holes! in the end, the holes will become bigger and deeper! as result, your debt will increase dramatically(most bad credit cards have double APR and no intro APR)!  but sure, you still can join army, and ask default! 😂 who knows that kind of trick could work! especially relationship between US and North Korea are getting hotter and hotter! from my POV, government can make such a rules, if there's an urgent matter! and its like you help us, we help you! but the chance to make this situation as you please sometime will not gonna happen! 

But of course, since I have good idea, there is a solution to turn the table, and make your debt, decrease! after time you can pay all your credit card debt! sound good eh ? 😎 here's the solution! most people that have bad credit basically people that have a lot of debt, and can't pay on time! after time, their FICO score will decrease more and more! some company will allow you to get loans from them i.e bad credit card approval!  but most of them already realize, that you want to use them to cover your previous debt! so they charge you with high APR, and no intro purchase APR in the first years! so basically getting approval from unsecured credit cards, are not solve your debt! in fact it can increase your debt, since their APR are double than most credit card company! 

But I know what you thinking, and the reason why you want to get unsecured credit cards for bad credit! 😂 is because you want to start over, and make additional income from new Credit cards ? 😎 but just like I said, credit card for bad credit will charge you double APR! so your genius Idea will not gonna works! and remember, most bad credit card company will give you lower limit! after all you have bad history! 😂  so what to do to make it works ? well, you have to find some one that can help you out! he or she, have good or high FICO score, and have no problems to get top Credit card company(Citibank)! after that, then you can try another business idea! e.g sell some stuff on ebay, or amazon, doing dropship business, or you can try some online business or what soever! but the idea is you need to get fresh capital with less limitation, to create additional income! i.e doing business! but if you apply credit card that approve bad credit! it will only make things become worse and worst!

the only solution to cover your credit card debt, is by making new additional incomes! without that, it's not going to works! but since most people that have debt, have high motivation to do all out! the chances for them to become successful in business are very high! after all desperate people will not holding back! 😎 at least that the only things I see from people that have bad credit score! i.e motivation! so the next question is, what kind of business that can cover credit card debt ? well, a lot! but my suggestion is, try something, that related with your passion! example, you have shopping hobby or shopaholic! you know where to get good discount! or lower price! and you know many people want to get this stuff so bad! try to get them with lower price! and then sell again to make nice profit! try ebay, amazon, salehoo or what so ever! but my point is, usually for shopaholic, they really know their 5hit! 😎 and if you can use your skill i.e shopaholic, believe it or not, your shopping hobby, can last forever! 😎 just make sure, your business idea are not to far from your root or passion, because its your real asset to doing business! .eg you know where to buy, you know the seller, you know how to get discount, and you know about the market! i.e knowledge to doing profitable business!😂

bad credit score

anyway, since this articles about credit card for bad people!(ooops) 😂(just kidding) I mean for bad credit! here's the list of the best company for bad credit! some secured and unsecured credit card!

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