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Minggu, 14 Mei 2017

Windstream Hosting Review! Read this before you buy!

Windstream Hosting

If you want know about Windstream hosting I will tell you the truth! check it out guys! to be honest, web hosting are very important, especially for small business that have tight budget, and want to try with online marketing! and if we talk about online marketing, the real culprit are on the landing pages! if your landing page 5uck's so bad! trust me, you are in a deep trouble! 😂 but in order to make high quality landing page, you should choose best web hosting that have good speed and never down very often! and to be honest I don't believe hosting that never down! 😎 at some point they will down! but don't to long! and its more than enough! 

So the question is does Windstream hosting are good enough as high quality hosting ? well, to be honest I never try them! hosting that I already try are Hostgator and hawkhost! I choose Hawk Host because its cheap, and host gator because they are good, and the quality are more than enough for me! at least they are qualify to be called as good web hosting! 😂

If we look the price that windstream hosting offer! the lowest are $9,99 permonth! and for advance package are $34,99!  to be honest that price for me are too expensive! because the feature they offering are same like other web hosting! e.g web storage, web installer, website technology, email feature, e commerce feature and so on! personally I don't see any different with Hostgator hosting business plan package! and their price are more cheaper as low as $5,95!  and what I don't see from Windstream Hosting are how many domain you can add with 1 account! because another hosting usually explain, that they can add more than 1 domain! I can't imagine if I have to pay $34 per month, and they only allow 1 domain with 1 account! that could be disaster! 😂 because for most hosting user, they will create more than 1 website! it could be 10, or even 20 website in one account!

so the conclusion is! windstream are to expensive! sorry! but that's the truth! 😎
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