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Kamis, 25 Mei 2017

Wright Patt Credit Union Review

wright patt credit union

Wright Patt credit union  is one of top 50 credit union in USA, so I am sure they can give you very nice offer! they have many loans such as auto loans, home loan, student loans and etc! but to be honest, I quite interested with their credit cards offer! because they said, their APR are 7%, no annual fee, no cash advances fee, and etc!  to be honest not many credit cards can give this good offer! but of course since wright Patt are federal credit union, so I am not surprise if they can give such a nice APR!

If you have no credit history or maybe bad credit score! they also have secured credit cards! so for first timer or students that want to establish your credit score, you can try their secured credit cards! and also their APR are quite standards, about 17% no annual fee, no cash advances and etc! credit limit for first years about $500! after 1 years, then you can apply and increase to $1000! so I think its fair enough, because most of company will lowering their credit limits for people that have no credit history! After 1 years or 2, then you can increase your credit limit! 

the benefit using secured credit cards with Wright Patt is you can get better offer from other company! and also their APR will not high!  so its good place to build your credit score! because if you have good score, the chance to getting credit from different sources will increase! because your score will be recorded and visible to other institution! such as bank, or private loan company.

the only weakness from them is, they only accept application that live near Ohio! other than that, you have to apply with federal credit union in your states! after all its federal credit unions! and if you live near Ohio, you must have them! because if you can build high score with them! in future it can help your business funding! and I am sure, if your business run smoothly! I don't think they will hesitate to top up your limit, up to $30K ! because most federal credit union, actually if you have good report with your bank account! they can see that you have healthy cash flow! and that could be a good reason to increase your credit limit! and most credit cards company, actually can track your money in bank acc ! 😎 

that's why if you have big saving in your bank account! most of the time, some credit card company will send offers! 😂 either its calling or send offer via email! and to be honest, sometime I also wondering, how the heck they now my money ! right ?  😂 because when I have big saving,  a lot of credit card company give me good offer! but when I have zero, that's it! they don't call me anymore! lol! 😂 so my assumption is, actually they have access to see how much! and with that data, they can decide how much your limit is! its something like price tag for credit! 😂  but I never said, wright Patt can see like other company! I am just saying most credit cards company can see your bank activity!what can you expect from lender! right ? 😂

anyway, if you live near Ohio, you must have Wright Patt Credit cards! because once your score establish or have high scores! you can get credit cards from them! it mean low APR only 7%, no annual fee, no cash advances fee, and etc! even Citibank, can't give 7% APR! 😎

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