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Jumat, 19 Mei 2017

Apply for Younkers Credit Card

younkers credit card

If you want to apply for younkers credit card you must read this tips, to get fast approval!  most people that apply younkers credit card basically their loyal costumer, and the reason why so many people want to get younker credit card is simply because you can get discount with it! so basically younker CC  same like discount cards! I can bet younker already predict this going to happen! especially since younker stop giving the discount for senior citizen! so I think elder people are good market for them! 

so the question is, how to apply Younker CC, and is it worth it to apply to get discount ? well, if you want to apply Younker credit card, you need to do it offline! because as far as I know younker not provide online credit cards registration!  you can ask their staff or call their costumer service, and ask where and how to apply their credit cards,! since your first intention is to get discount, so the real question is, is it worth it applying their CC! because no younker CC mean no discount ? 

If your first intention is to get discount with younker, then applying credit card with them are in between worth or maybe not! but if you want to purchase a lot with them, between 10k USD above, then you should apply their cards! because it is worth it! but if you just want to make small purchase and get small discount! then applying their card are not worth it! first reason is, every credit cards always have different APR 16% average for purchase some stuff! and 24 % for cash advances! Annual fee about $40, and also there is fee for late or returned purchase about $40! 

Most top tier credit card company have APR about 14% but for second tier it could be double! some company will charge 25% APR and some would be more! but I can bet, since Younker are not top tier! I am pretty sure, their APR are about 20%(2% permonth)! in nutshell, if you purchase 12.000 USD with them, you have to pay about 14400! but of course they will give some good offer with 0% interest rates, if your payment are not late! but most of time for choosing 1 years tenor payment, at some point, we could make some delay payment! and that's  the reason why their offer 0% interest rates will become useless!  in the end, you have to pay 20% APR!

in short! applying credit card to get discount are bad Idea! 😎 if I were you I will ask younker and ask them to provide special discount for senior citizen! otherwise, you can tell them! you will not shop their stuff anymore! gather 100 or even more! and make protest! I am sure they will provide good discount for senior citizen! just FYI! in marketing discount basically are cheap tricks! 😂
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