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How much cost to install solar panels And How to get cheap!

cost to install solar panels

Want to know how much cost to install solar panels ? check this out guys ;)  there's no exact answer! because the cost would be depend on many factors! some company will charge $3,85 per wat, and some company will charge much more lower! but average cost to install solar panels are about $3 but since you already in here, I will give you some hint, how to lower your installation cost! 

Most of the time, majority company will charge normal fee, about $3! but if you know the system and how solar panels works! and look like you know your stuff! believe it or not, they will charge $1 😎 why ? (if you ask) the reason simply because you know your stuff ! ;) just like us, when we dealing with people in our industry, most of the time, we will be nice with them ;)  but other reason is not because, you know your stuff about solar panels, but because you already cut their risk i.e you already buy solar panels kits! 

All you have to is find the electrician, or handyman to do the jobs! if I were you I will try to find in my neighbor hood! it could be my next door Neighbors, or some kids that know about solar panels! and already know about how to install or already have experiences how to install solar panels! but if you can't find near you! try to get some cheap labor from Craig list or what soever!  or you can try itunes apps or Google apps about handyman! I am sure you can find that person to install solar panels ! 

For average people, they will exaggerate solar panels installation! but if you already know about how it works! trust me, you will have different view! but for some cases, even if we already know how to install it! still we don't have the right tools, or knowledge about electricity! so, that's why you'll need handyman, or electrician to do dirty jobs!

Basically solar panels system only contain 4 important parts! Solar panels cell, Charger controller, Battery, and inverter! if we take notice most people can install this system easily! in fact some peoples, can install solar panels in just 10 minutes! but of course its only for small watt! but for big watt something like 4 kilo watt or something, it could take all day! because 4 kilo watt mean 260x16 about 16 solar panels!  so, for most people installing 16 panels on roof top, it could be hard! but if you have decent backyard that always get sunlight ! I think that would be fine if put the panels in there! because what matter is, that panels should get sunlight as many as possible! whether its on roof top, or in backyard!

the conclusion is, you can cut installation cost, if you understand about solar panels system! and also if you confidence enough to DIY why not try that! at least it can save labor cost! because the cheapest labor cost to install solar panels system are $1 per watt!  so imagine, if you want to build 10 kilo watt! 😎 Yep, you have to spend $10.000 just for installation cost! if I were you, I will prefer spending 10 thousand dollar to buy more panels!  by the way, there is a product that plug and play! you only have to buy solar panels cell and the battery! you just plug in the panels to the battery and that's it! you can start to use that system ASAP, no need inverter or charger controller! because its already inside the battery! I saw some product they called battery station, or something like that! but still you have to buy some cable, to plugin the panels into the battery, and the cable price are quite cheap about 20 bucks or something! you can search on amazon!   
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How much do solar panels cost for a house

solar panels cost

Want to know how much do solar panels cost for a house ? check this out guys! ;) to be honest, the answer would not be simple! because it will depend on how much kilo watt your house need it! for example for average house that consume 900 kwh per month, it will cost you about $5241, and 60 cents! 😂

Because 900 kwh per month mean, your electricity bills about 900x20 cents or $180 (assumption price) 
900 kwh divide 30 day divide 10 hour use= mean your house consume about 3 kilo watt every hours! so you need a solar panels system about 3 kilo watt! and average price about less than $5000 usd! 

But to make accurate calculation is by seeing your electricity bills and how much your house consume electricity! from there you can figure it out, and what system that suitable for your house! but normally average price to build 2 kilo watt solar panels system are about $3,494! 

but if you want to know the detail calculation you can check from every appliance, for example most PC will consume about 200 watt, Monitor about 100 watt, Air Conditioner about 1000 watt, light bulb about 20 watt, and  so on! and if your total consumption about 2000 watt, then buy system that have capacity and can produce 2 killo watt electricity! in this case the solar panels system price about $3.494 and 40 cents but if you have a lot more than average people, you can build 4 killo watt system and the price about $6988 and 80 cents! 😎 but of course the price are not including the labor cost! 

FYI. the price for solar panels system will not the same! cause different people have different source! if you use ebay, I could be use amazon, and so on! I could be cheap or maybe much more costly!

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Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment ?

solar panels worth

Want to know, are home solar panels worth the investmen ? check this out guys! ;) at first solar panels are not worth it, especially if we look the cost to build the system are not cheap! yep, its very expensive! 😎 and to build decent solar panels system are worth 6 month salary!  so for normal person like me, its not worth it! 

But for some people out there! Solar panels for your home are really worth it! 😎 why ? ( if you ask) because it can cut your electricity bill up to 50% ! 😎 for example! you pay electricity bill per month $100(500 kwh), in 5 years you will pay about $100x12x5 so in 5 years you should pay, at least $6000 dollar! but if you use solar panels system to power your house! you only pay about$3.494 and 40 cents! 😎

Question, but I don't pay energy bill $100, instead $500, can it save more money ? the answer is yes! because $500 for electricity, mean your home consumption about 2500 kwh every month! to power a house that consume 2500 electricity per month are 10 kilo watt system! and it will cost you about $17.472. but if you use conventional system you have to pay electricity bill about $500x12 month x5 years, so in 5 years you have to pay about $30.000! meanwhile if you power your house with solar panels system, you only pay less than $17.500!

My point is, solar panels for long run it's worth for investment! but of course for average person like me, the cost to build decent system are quite amazing! 😂 especially for people that live in 3rd world! 😂 lol! because In my situation this system are not for me! but if you live in US, UK, Canada or Aussie! you should have this system, cause it save the money a lot!

so the conclusion is, solar panels are worth investment! but you should learn more about the system, because to make it more cheap, you have to cut the labor cost! because the biggest cost are in operational cost! but if you do "DIY" solar panels installation, it can cut your electricity bill for years to come! for several cases it can cut to 25 years!
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Senin, 24 April 2017

What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

solar energy system

want to know, what are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy ? check this out guys! ;)  if we talk about system, no matter what system are, there always be a disadvantages, and  solar panels system are no exception! but if we compare between the disadvantages and advantages solar energy have more significant advantages!

For example, every month you have to pay electricity bills about $250! and the total consumption electricity in your house about 40 kilo watt per day! if you want to change, from conventional system to solar panels system, at least you have to spend about $15.000 USD!  but of course it can be cheap if you DIY! but lets assuming it will cost you about $15k! 

$15.000 for most people are big money! for average people in US its about 6 month salary! so for normal people spending $15.000 just to get decent electricity are not the best option! but if we look carefully and make proper calculation $15k system are profitable!  why profitable ?  lets count!  electricity bills per month $250 multiply a years 250x12=$3000 per year! then multiply with 5 years(average solar panels system give guarantee about 5 years)! so in 5 years you have to pay at least not less than $15.000! 😎 yep, its break even!  

But wait a minutes! do you know if you do DIY solar panels installation you can reduce the cost up to $10.000! for several cases, you can get best deal from some website on line, out there! and the total cost about $7000 to get 40 Kilo watt per day! imagine, with solar panels system you only pay electricity bills about $7000 for 5 years! meanwhile if you using conventional ways, you have to pay $15.000 dollar! 😎 yep! you can save $8000 or $1600 per years! with $8000 in here, in my country! you can get decent cars! lol! 😂 but my point is, solar energy system can save a lot of money! but of course if we calculate for long term! i.e Good Investment!

Is there any disadvantages for using solar energy ? well, solar energy system have high dependency for the sun light, and the system will not work, if there's no sun! 😂 but don't worry! as long you live outside Rjukan Norway! I am sure, you can get free sunlight! 😂  

If I have to short out the advantages and disadvantages from solar energy is, to build solar panel system it will needing a lot of money! so for some people they will prefer with conventional way! meanwhile for advantages  using solar energy system it can save you more money for long run!
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How many solar panels to power a house

Want to know how many solar panels to power a house ? it depend on how many watt that your house needed! for example, average house will consume about 1500 watt per day 1,5 Kw! and most solar panels cell on market the capacity about 100 watt! so in order to power a house, and make all electronic appliances works, at least you will need about 15 solar panels cell, cause each cell have capacity about 100 watt! 

But for several cases it could be different! some seller sell 1000 watt! and and the amount panels cell only 6, so each cell have capacity about 160 watt! but most of panels in market, are 100 watt! maybe the reason why 100 watt average, is because some people that really new and want to test solar panels system, they will try with small scale! so I am not surprise if 100 watt panel cell are very salable! 

To make sure how many panels that you needed, you can check your electricity bills, and how much you pay per month! for example you pay $100 per month, price per 1 KWh are 20 cents!so if you pay $100 per month for electricity, it mean your house consume electricity about 500 KWH month! and then divide 30 days! so your house consume electricity about 16 kilo watt per day, then divide 10 hour use! so its about 1,6 kilo watt per hour! it mean your house will need about 12 panels! (160 watt each panels)

for detail calculation, you can check all your appliance! for example your PC will consume about 300 watt! light bulb LED 20 watt, TV LCD about 100 watt, refrigerator 200 watt, Air Conditioner about 1000 watt  total use 1620 watt!  so if you want solar panels system to power your house, you will need about 2000 watt! buy 20 panels (each 100 watt)  or 12 panels (each 160 watt) and battery portable that have capacity 2000 watt!

by the way, to build 2000 watt solar panels system, if I don't mistake, it will cost you about 4000 USD! Off grid solar panels kits 1000 watts, price about $1500 x2 =$3000, portable battery about 1000$ for 2000 watt! I think you can get less and save money if you know about solar panels system! try to dig in on Google or youtube! Over all DIY solar panels system can save more money! and it will be less expensive for long run!

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How Expensive are Solar panels for your Home

solar panel system

Want to know how expensive are solar panels for your home? the answer would be depend on a lot of factor! actually with less than $300, you can build your own solar system panel! 😎 solar panels cell 100 watt average price about $111, charger controller about $10, Battery portable(no need inverter) 200 watt about $99 , and cable for portable battery about $10! so total cost to build solar panels system in your house about $230! 😂

in short, to build solar panel system 100 watt it will cost you about $230! so if your house need 1 kilo watt, it will cost you about $2300! 😎 ! by the way I just check on amazon, there's 1000 watt or 1 kilo watt! and the price only about $600  so for big house that consume 5 kw, you just by 5 this things, and 50 solar panel cell! and that's it! you can power your house with solar system! 😂 and Good news is, since its portable! all you have to do is plug and play! and also you get 1 solar cell 100 watt!  so total cost to build 5kw system are about $8500 and also you don't need to buy controller charger, and also inverter! because portable battery are plug and play! so its friendly user, and good for newbies, that have no idea about electricity , e.g wat Ampere, Volt, Ac.DC or what so ever! 😂

and to be honest, if you dig in, on amazon, I am sure you can save a lot of money! because there's 2500 watt battery only $500! I think its second hand battery! the only problems left is, you have to find cheap solar panels cell! because most of cell panel price about $100 per 100 watt! so if you want 5 kilo watt to power your house, the biggest will be on solar panel cell! 50x100=5000 dollar!

And most company in solar panel industry I think they already know the biggest problems and headache! that is, installing the assembly! that's why some company will short cut that headache by selling portable battery with inverter and charger controller on it! so all you have to do, to get solar panel system, is just plug and play! and that's it! no need to install charger controller, no need inverter or what so ever! because for newbies, if you plug the wrong cable, it can damage the battery!

So if you know nothing about electricity and solar panels! just go to amazon, find solar panel cell with affordable price and also buy some portable battery that have capacity about 2,5 kwh! or 2500 watt! buy 2 battery and 50 solar cell! and that's it! you can power your house with solar energy! 😎 but it will not hurt if you learn about the basic! because when it broken, you can fix easily and buy new controller or maybe the inverter that broken!

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Where to buy solar panels for your home

Want to know where to buy solar panels for your home ? check this out guys ! ;) there so many places you can find or even try to find the best solar panels kits! if you just a beginner and don't know a lot of solar panels system you can try small scale, and the best place to start is ebay! in there you'll get a lot of cheap product! in fact with less than $200 you can build your own solar panels system in your home! 

With $200 in your pocket, I think you can buy solar panels cell $100 , Controller charger $16, Portable Battery $99, when you buy portable battery they already have inverter in there! so it can save your time and money! but if you buy normal solar panels battery , you need to buy more inverter! inverter for solar panels will cost you about $100! so if I were you, I will try portable battery! but still you need to buy some cable to make it works with solar panels! and that cable price about $10 or something! 

The second place that I will try is wholesaler and amazon! there's a lot of seller that selling solar panels in amazon! and the price are very cheap! from $10 to $100 for every spare parts! for small scale or for newbie, I think amazon is the best place! but if you want get decent quality try wholesaler! they have best solar panels, that I never saw in amazon! but the price are above $10.000! most of parts are about $2000, and with that kind of spec your solar panels system can give electricity  for the whole house! because with $10 thousand dollar you can build solar panels that can generate 3kilo watt! or equal with 10 pc! average PC will consume about 300 watt!

My suggestion is, if you just curious about how to build solar panels in your home(newbie), or don't have big budget! but you want try go green lifestyle! try amazon or ebay! in there you can get solar panels system with $200!  and if you pass that grade, and want to build decent system for your house, you can upgrade later! but at this moment, try to learn about solar panels! but I am sure if you consume som e-book about solar panels system you will understand the whole idea! but if you don't want spend for an e-book try to dig in, on youtube! most of people already make a video about solar panels DIY, some will give you detail about how to build in small scale!  so I am sure you'll understand how to build it, with your own hand!  but with e-book you will get whole package, and easy to translate for newbie! to be honest, I prefer to buy some e-book, than asking to hundreds people how to build it! 😂 but if you brave enough to asking question about solar panels, I think you can try youtube! 😂

solar energy
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Minggu, 23 April 2017

How Much Do Solar Panels Save ? The truth is

solar panels system

Want to know how much  solar panels can save ? check this out guys! if we talk about "go green" lifestyle! most of the time, it doesn't related with saving money or cheaper! because most of the product are new technology and also rare! it mean not many people will use it , and it also mean very expensive! 😎 For example, you pay electricity bill per month about $100 in 5 years you only spend about $6000 usd! 😎 

With $6000 dollar, do you think you can build solar panels system that can cover almost every electronic equipment in your house ? the truth is, you can't! because to build solar panels system with 200 watt it will cost you about $300! 200 watt mean 1 PC, PC consumption about more than 300 watt! so imagine if you have 5 PC! at least you have to build, 1,5Kilo watt or 7 system solar panels! it mean you have to spend about $2100! 😎 oops! it can save! but in reality to build solar system with 1 kw it will cost you about $25 thousand dollars! 

The question is, why I am saying with $2100 you can build solar panel with 1,5 kilo watt ? good question! (if you ask) the answer would be! if you DIY your own solar panels system! it can save a lot of money! but most of the time, you don't do  the complicated things! so you tell people to install solar panels, in your house!as result, they charge you a high fee! i.e $25 thousand USD! 😎

But it would be a lot different, if you look around in your computer! 😆 try ebay, , amazon or even craiglist! some people sell 1 kw solar panels cell only $1400! battery  about $200x10 225 ah, inverter about $25 to $1000 depend on watt and brand, and the last one is controller charger! for small size price only about $10 for 10A! but for good controller charger 80 Amp price about $200! so total cost to build solar panels system are not expensive! at least if your electricity bills about $100 pe rmonth, DIY solar system can be profitable!

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? and How To get Cheap!

solar panels system

Want to know how much do solar panels cost ? for sure it would be Expensive! about 25k-35k USD! there are many reason why solar panel installation cost become so expensive! first, most company want to get profit! secondly, they have to pay someone that really expert in solar system! and the last one is, this green technology are very rare, and not many people know about it! in fact, and to be honest guys! even my self have no idea, how to install solar panels system! 😂 but one things for sure, if I read the manual guidance or consume some e-book from experts, soon or later, I can become one of the experts in solar panel installation! and lets, be real solar panel its only about 3 parts! solar cell, portable battery, and Charger Controller! 😂 that's it!

But in order to make the expensive stuff become more legit! is by making that stuff a little bit complicated! 😎 because one things, that I know! complicated mean good, for business! because complicated mean nobody want to try DIY, and it mean profit for company! we all know most company will squeeze every profit from your pocket! so I am not surprise, if some company charge lets say 30k usd, but if you do by yourself i.e DIY solar panels system! you could save ten thousands of dollars! 😎 cool huh! 

solar energy

So the big question is! How to install solar panels system by yourself ? good question! first of all, lets assume, that you and me don't know a 5hit about solar panels!(that's a fact) 😂 but, we have intention how not to get rip off! 😎 so the only reasonable step is, by learning how to do it! you can read manual guidance from some website, or even in youtube!  (check the video bellow how to install solar panels easily! in just a minutes)

I assuming, that you already watch the video, how to install solar panels system, and how to make it works! 😎 so, the next step is, you have to get solar panels system parts! if you want cheap prices, you can get at ebay! or you can try amazon! I saw some solar panel at amazon will cost you about $137 , and 99 cents! Charger controller price about $25! battery about $143, and the last part is power inverter! the price about $25! but if you buy charger portable you don't have to buy the other parts! you only need solar panels cells charger controller and portable charger! that's it! 😂 and the total cost about less than $300!  try to find the best portable charger! because it can cut the complicated stuff! you just need solar panels and portable charger! and that's it! you have free electricity! and you don't need to pay hundreds dollar per month! 😎 or pay $35.000 usd!

Question!, is it $300 solar panel system good enough to cover all electronic stuff in our house ? good question! 😎 well of course not! but if you buy 10 or 20 system! I am sure it can cover everything in your house! I know it's complicated system! but which one you'll choose! pay some one $35.000! or Do it your self for $15.000!  and by the way! you can get 10 kilo wat! for 15 thousand USD ;)!

Just FYI! to short out the complicated stuff!

Buy solar panels cells! at amazon or ebay! the price about $100, and then buy portable charger! the price about $99 or maybe more! why portable charger ? because it can cut the complicated stuff, e.g install inverter,  setting the cable and etc! try to start with small watt! after you know everything about solar panels system! then you can upgrade to 1 kilo watt! by the way, you can get 1kw solar panels for $1400 😎 so it mean you can get 5kw, less than 10k! but if I were you! I will try to test the system first! after I got the experiences and know the whole system!, then up grade the system! at least you only risk $200!

the last one! before you buy solar panel cell,  try to ask with the seller! which portable battery that fit with their system? I am sure they will point you some good stuff! because most of seller doesn't sell portable charger! they only sell solar panels cell and the cable! Good news is, some battery charger already set with inverter! so you don't need the inverter! but you need to buy some cable to make it works with solar panels! but unfortunately they only available for solar cell under 200 watt! but I am pretty sure,  it change over time, such 2000 watt with inverter and also charger controller in there! because inverter and charger controller are the things that make complicated! so if some company build battery and already set with inverter and charger controller! most people will buy the solar panel cell only!

up date: Recently some company made a battery called plug and play! what you need is only solar panels cell! and then plug in to the battery, and that's it! you ready to go! anyway, I think its cool if some people called that system as Plug and Play! 😂
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Sabtu, 22 April 2017

Earth Day Tips For Home

earth day tips for home

Want to know about earth day tips for home ?  check this out, guys! ;) earth day mean we have to save mother nature from pollution, chemicals, logging, etc! or use a product that more friendly with earth! good news is, you can do at your own home! 😎 there is a simple way to save earth without over do! here's the list that you can do to save earth in your own home! 😂

Use green product! it can be anything, cars with low Emission! or if you have a lot of money, you can use electric cars! but if its to expensive, you can use cars that have LCGC technology! most of cars usually always use fossil fuel! unfortunately fossil fuel create CO2, if the amount of CO2 to much it can have bad effect for earth, because CO2 can absorb radiation from sun, and it can hold the heat! that's why earth right now are very hot, because too many people produce CO2! as result global warming are everywhere!

Use recycle product! it can be anything! from bags, shoes, sandals, paper, bowls, toys and etc!most company that use recycle materials they always mention about it! because it can be one of their selling point! some of them are quite high price, but if its worth, why not try one of their product! sometime it can be pricey!  but it will not hurt for Earth!

Save energy in your home! turn off your light at noon! don't use water to much! turn off Air conditioner, or don't use heater to much! why save energy mean help earth ? well, most of energy build by using fossil fuel! e.g electricity use coal/gasoline to move the generator! 

Maintain your car and don't use to much! if you want to buy something in near store, you can do by on foot or use bike! because if one family use 1 gallon gasoline per day! imagine hundreds million of family! they produce CO2, in massive number! for long run, our earth will full with CO2 in every angle! 

Separate your trash between plastic, paper, wet waste and etc! by doing this, you can reduce tons of trash from your home! and also you can compost your wet waste and make them as natural fertilizer for your plants! do you know that our organic trash produce CO2 and CH4! 😅  some company use trash to create Bio Gas and make them as fuels! but unfortunately, bio gas only made from CH4! and CH4 only came from organic or wet waste! but at least, if you separate your trash it can help everyone task, and reduce Co2 production! it mean save the earth with simple ways!

at this moment I only can provide 5 tips! I will up date, if there's something that needing to be add as a good tips!
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Earth Day Tips for The Office! save Company money!

Earth Day Tips in office

Want to know about earth day tips for the office ? check it out guys! ;)  basically to celebrate earth day is a good things! at least most of "go green" tips can save company spending! maybe at first, if your office buy green product, it can be very expensive! but for long term it can save company money and also it can last for a very long time!  

for example if your company have a lot of office equipment such paper, pen, pencils,eraser, ruler, etc, and bla..bla..bla! if you compare with buying a laptop or pc! it will be far more efficient and low maintenance cost! but of course, if you buy new PC or laptop, in the beginning the price are very expensive especially for the new one! but for long run, it can save money! just FYI, since I have PC, I almost forget how to use pen and paper! lmao! 

ok! enough about the intermezzo! lets get back to topic! lets focus to the "go green" office tips! 😎

Tips no.1 most of company usually need a bright background!(good lighting can create good mood) and that mean will needing a lot of light and lamp! so, I am not surprise, in the end of the month, their electricity bill will be very expensive! but do you know! you can save money if you use Compact fluorescent bulbs rather than incandescent bulbs! and the different about 75%, it mean it can save 3 times company money!  but to be honest with you! I never saw a company that still use incandescent bulbs! lol! 😂 who knows, right ? maybe your company still using  it 😂

ok, lets get serious! 😎  tips no.2! why not try  solar energy system ? it can save company electricity bills for years to come! I know solar power are very expensive! not to mention their solar cell ! it can cost more than thousands of USD! but, but,but! do you know you can get cheap price at ebay! 😆 its only $55-$149! I know its not the top quality product! but at least you can try solar system with less cost! 😎  and Do you know you can build your own solar system for you office or even in your own home! 😎

solar energy

Tips no.3 use less paper and Go digital! most of modern company already use technology! e.g Laptop, Gadget, tablet Ipad, Kindle and etc! most of these company basically don't need a paper or pen to run an office! because most of them always use gadget! e.g make report use email,  doing presentation use tablet, communication with manager use smartphone apps(line,whatsapp,skype), and many more! but of course for traditional company most of them are always need a paper! e.g, making report ,  presentation, meeting and many more! but the question is, are your office really need a lot of paper ? (depend on the industry I guess) 

Tips no.4 Go Casual! we all know wearing suits sometime can be more expensive! at least, not all people comfortable with this business type dress code! it can create a lot of stress and etc! not to mention with laundry bills! 😎 or using chemical just for clean up! to be honest, when I first graduate from my college, I always want wearing suits! 😂 you know why ? because suits make you look like "I am the man"  but when I use them, it doesn't feel right ! 😎 you know why ?  because suits make you look like a faker that always said BS! 😂 why suit make you fake ? because the real one, don't need a suits, or to convince anyone! 😎

Tip no.5! If your office near with your apartment! Why not save money by using bicycle or even just go on foot to the office! Well of course, for marketing people! it can be very hard for not using cars!(company image)! but for non marketing! it doesn't hurt if you go to office on foot! especially if your office only 100 meter from apartment!

anyway at this moment, I only can give 5 tips in for the office! I will try to update if there's new info! 😁
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Rabu, 19 April 2017

Hasil Quick Count Pilkada DKI Putaran ke 2

Quick Count Pilkada DKI Putaran 2

Mau tahu gan hasil quick count pilkada dki putaran ke 2 yuuk cekidot! ;) Ternyata Jagoan ente kalah!berdasarkan atas hasil quick count yang ane lihat suara Ahok hanya 41% tidak jauh jauh dari putaran 1, sementara suara untuk anis-sandi, bertambah menjadi 58%! al hasil, Anis dan sandi hampir bisa di katakan menang dan menjadi Gubernur DKI, lantaran perbedaan suara yang cukup signifikan!

Ada beberapa alasan kenapa hal tersebut bisa terjadi, dan jujur saja jika anis menang, hal tersebut ada diluar dugaan saya! 😎 akan tetapi seperti ane bilang! ane kan cuma manusia biasa! bisa saja salah, dan ternyata benar, dugaan saya adalah ahok menang tapi ternyata suara anis bisa melewati Ahok, hingga 15%!

beberapa alasan mengapa Anis menang bisa jadi karena faktor religius! karena seperti kita ketahui semau, bulan lalu, Dr.Zakir sempat menghebohkan Tanah Indonesia, dan mengatakan pendapat nya jika ada pemilu ada calon non muslim dan muslim maka mana yang harus di pilih! dan Dr.Zakir mengemukakan pendapatnya! dan ternyata jawaban Dr.Zakir membuat banyak orang sadar, termasuk saya! yang tadinya, bilang dalam ati gpp lah kalau Ahok menang! jadi berubah lantaran ceramah Dr.Zakir! 😂

Dr.Zakir bilang, meski pun calon pemimpin yang muslim tidak lebih baik, dan yang non muslim jauh lebih baik, maka sebagai orang muslim harus memilih muslim! karena ada risiko takut tidak dapat ridho Allah! sontak saja, saya berpikir! yah sudah lah, dari pada di kutuk, mendingan pilih yang muslim! 😂 Ini pikiran saya loh gan! 😂 Yang open minded, yang pernah kerja ama yahudi dan sebagainya! dalam hati saya! saya aja mikir dan ngeri dikutuk, apalagi jutaan warga DKI! 😂  wkawkakwkawk! 

Tapi pesan moralnya adalah, Mungkin kemenangan Ahok, adalah kuasa Ilahi, dan bisa di jadikan pelajaran bagi kita! bahwa apa pun yang terjadi masih ada hari esok! 😎 After all, tidak ada sejarahnya gan, pemimpin itu bisa mengubah nasib jutaan orang! yang tadinya terpuruk menjadi lebih baik! mungkin ada di cerita Dongeng Disneyland!(raja tampan yang baik hati) tapi untuk real, perubahan karena pemimpin kemungkinan nya adalah 50:50! tapi suatu masyarakat atau pun negara sekali pun akan menjadi lebih baik, jika masyarakatnya kondusif, produktif dan saling menghormati, satu sama lain!  anyway gan, ini hanya Pilkada DKI! so don't take personally!😎
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Pilkada Dki Putaran Ke 2

pilkada dki

Mau tahu gan, tentang Pilkada Dki Putaran Ke 2 yuuk cekidot! ;) Pilkada DKI 2 kali ini bisa terbilang sangat menegangkan bagi kedua belah pihak! karena masing masing paslon memiliki kekurangan dan kelebihan masing masing! dan juga memiliki ke kekhawatiran masing masing! 😂 bagaimana tidak, jutaan orang Indonesia mengancam untuk melakukan demo jika salah satu paslon tersebut menang! sementara calon yang lainnya khawatir lantaran bukan incumbent!  singkat kata, masing masing was was, lantaran belum ada kepastian bahwa mereka menjadi calon kuat!

Memang harus di akui, bahwa masing masing paslon pada pilkada 2 kali ini memiliki chance yang sama! karena masing masing paslong memiliki kekuatan masing masing! dan bahkan saya yakin bahkan para experts politik pun, sulit untuk memprediksi siapa yang akan menang, lantaran satu dua hal! akan tetapi karena hal itulah, pilkada putaran 2 kali ini menjadi event yang sangat besar! terutama bagi warga DKI jakarta! setidaknya jutaan warga DKI akan mulai was was dan H2C lantaran bertanya tanya pada diri mereka siapa yang akan menang ! 😎

pasti ente nannya, kok bisa tahu gan ? gmana tidak, wong hasil result quick count belum muncul saja, ratusan ribu orang sudah mulai mencari! padahal KPU saja masih lunch, atau makan siang! 😂 itu artinya pilkada putaran 2, bikin warga DKI dag dig dug der! 😂 anyway, ditunggu aja, nanti akan ane update, hasil Quick count putaran 2,!

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Quick count pilkada dki putaran ke 2

Quick count pilkada dki putaran ke 2

Mau tahu gan, tentang quick count pilkada dki putaran ke 2   Yuuk cekidot! ;) pilkada 2 kali ini bisa terbilang sangat menegangkan! karena sebelumnya banyak kejadian yang sangat dramatis! mulai dari isu religious, hingga isu permainan orang besar dan tersangka pembunuhan! al hasil, paslon no 1 gugur di putaran pertama! pada pilkada putaran 2 kali ini, hanya 2 calon saja yang berhak maju, lantaran suara yang mereka dapatkan  adalah 40% sementara paslon no.1 Agus sylvi, hanya 18 % saja! dengan otomatis calon no.1 gugur pada putaran 2!

Untuk sementara ini, quick count pilkada putaran 2 belum bisa terlihat hasilnya! mungkin karena KPU sedang Lunch kali yah gan! ;) hehehehe! tapi kita tunggu saja, hasil quick count nya! nanti kita akan lihat siapa yang menang, apakah jagoan ente menang atau justru sebaliknya! tapi siapa pun yang menang harus bisa di terima dengan lapang dada! toh menang atau tidak, anda tidak rugi rugi amat 😂 tapi kalau calon anda kalah lantas rusuh! baru ente rugi! betul tidak ? 😎

Pada dasarnya dari jaman nabi gan, pemimpin itu tidak bisa mengubah suatu keadaan secara dramatis, atau sangat cepat! karena faktanya satu orang sulit untuk membenahi satu provinsi! dan karena itulah, pilkada harus kita bisa terima dengan fair dan jangan terlalu di fanatisme kan! karena hal tersebut memang tidak baik! tapi kalau calon anda menang, bagus, kalau pun tidak, masih ada tahun tahun selanjutnya! 😂 dan semoga saja, 5 tahun ke depan calon anda bisa menang mutlak! 

Untuk Quick count di tunggu saja, nanti saya akan update hasil qucik count pilkada putaran 2! tapi untuk saat ini belum ada data yang masuk di KPU 😀 so, bersabar yah gan!

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Hasil Sementara pilkada dki putaran ke 2

Hasil Sementara pilkada dki

Mau tahu gan, hasil sementara pilkada dki putaran ke 2 ? yuuk cekidot! ;)  pada hasil pilkada putaran 1 ,Agus dan sylvi, gugur! karena suara yang mereka dapatkan hanya 17%, sementara untuk paslon 2 (Ahok-Djarot) dan paslon 3 (Anis-Sandi) lolos, lantaran suara yang mereka dapatkan pada putaran 1 beda tipis yaitu 40% suara mereka dapatkan!

Untuk saat ini hasil quick count pilkada 2 saat ini masih belum bisa di lihat, karena masih dalam proses pemilihan! akan tetapi saya akan coba update, untuk 3-6 jam kemudian, karena biasanya pada sore hari sudah bisa di dapatkan hasil dari pilkada 2! so di tunggu saja updatenya dari saya :D 

Kalau menurut saya, calon yang akan menang, kemungkinan besarnya adalah paslon 2! akan tetapi mengingat pilkada putaran 2 saat ini terbilang cukup sengit, lantaran ada mix antara unsur religius dan masalah lainnya! bukan tidak mungkin paslon 3 anis, bisa saja menjadi juara Gubernur DKI yang baru! tapi kita lihat saja nanti hasil quick count pilkada 2! siapa tahu saja, jagoan anda bisa menang dalam pilkada putaran 2 kali ini! 😎
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Who is dr. esther afua ocloo ? MicroLending

Esther afua Ocloo

Curious about  dr. esther afua ocloo ? Check it out guys ;) Esther afua Ocloo is one of the founder World Bank for women! she provide micro lending to millions women out there ! because she know no bank, would  give loans to women, since they don't have any incomes! So she was thinking why not make World Bank for woman that want to do a business! because with that way, she can help millions woman in this world!

Basically What she doing are quite Genius, I mean, well of course Bank would not give women a loans! the reason simply because from the first, a bank would not give a capital for people that try for the first time! why ? because they know first business most of the times will fails! that's why most of Bank only give loan or capital for expanding, not to start business! 😎 but for me personally what she's doing good deeds! because from Dr.Esther do, many people will get business inspiration! and as you already know most of microlending are non bank! because they know bank would not give a small loan to individual! 

Now Thousand of thousand microlending business are everywhere! from east to west! and they all make huge profit! especially for company that charge interest per day! yep, some loan company will charge you an interest more than 30% amazing right 😎 well of course we know that is a rip off! 😂, but what can we do! because no matter what bank will not give such a loans! and only loan shark that would give that loans! 

so basically what loan shark do, is twisting Esther Idea! lol 😂 they know most people will need money, and the bank will not gave that kind of loans! so why not they provide money for a people that needing small loan, that most bank would  rejected! as result  they can or will charge high interest! i.e profitable business! just FYI, charging high interest are forbid in almost every religion! so, basically what loan shark do, is bad deeds! just like wise man said, its very hard to mix between business and religious principle!
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Esther Afua Ocloo Net Worth And BioGraphy!

Want to know how Esther Afua Ocloo net worth ? check it guys! Esther(Dr. Esther Afua Ocloo) born in Ghana on 18 April 1919!(now she's age 82) in the year 2002 she died because of Pneumonia! in his life, she always determined to do business, especially for women! and because of high determination doing business, he go to UK, and learn about food processing! after he mastering the latest technique, she go back to home, Ghana! and teach other women to do business! because she knew, if woman do business it can make huge impact and increase entire country economy! so she was, thinking how to help all women to do business! 

And then she give small loan(microlending), and help every woman that want to do business! and because of his dedication, U.N World Conference invited he to share her story to the world! and after that she helped and found world Bank for women! and provide help million of women that needing small loans!

About her wealth , there's no information about it! I already looking in forbes and etc, still not found any single information about her net worth! by I assuming, her net worth about millions of dollar! because most of chairman of World bank, usually get small percentage from bank profit! it can be 5-10 %, so, I think her net worth about millions of dollar!
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Selasa, 18 April 2017

How to Tie a Double Windsor Knot Step by Step

Want to know, how to tie a double Windsor knot step by step ?  check this out guys! ;) basically how to do a tie, its not that hard! in fact anyone can do it easily! video above will show you step by step how to do tie a tie!

at first doing a tie to tie, are complicated, but if you practice everyday, you can do a tie, easily by heart! but before you go to that phase, you must practicing tie a tie, frequently! because if you do this, your brain can easily remember this! practice the tutorial above, 10 times or maybe more! after that your brain will understand the right angle how to this, easily without have to think i.e automatically!

the basic principle are same like doing shoelace! it will not easy at first time, but since we do almost everyday, then we getting used to it and without thinking we can do shoelace easily!

By the way guys! focus! don't see the B! instead the tie! ;) lol!

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How to fall asleep instantly ?

fall asleep

Want to know, How to fall asleep instantly ? check this out guys! ;) To be honest with you I also have same problems with sleeping, because most of my works are finding important information( lot of stress), and other stuff that I must do almost everyday! so basically I have problems with sleeping! but after I read some articles out there, and it really works! maybe not instant fall asleep, but it can help most of us, that having trouble with insomnia or whatsoever! 

When I want to go sleep, its hard to sleep well immediately, even we already closed our eyes, still!  we can't fall asleep! its just like closing our eyes, but we can heard almost everything, if we not go to sleep mode, no matter how many our we closed our eyes, it doesn't matter! and when we open our eyes, we not charge our battery! so, no matter what, we have to go sleep mode! 😎 OK, here's what I do to go to sleep mode almost immediately!

First take a deep breath! take very very deep breath! and then release it after you count to 5 and then increase to 10! or maybe 15 if you can!  if not just count to 10, then release slowly and count to 10 also! do this for 5-10 minutes! why we doing this stupid things ? 😂 well, its not stupid actually! because when we do deep breathing, it can help ourself to relax and clear our mind! the reason why we can't sleep, its because we have a lot of things in our mind! and because of that reason you can't fall asleep!  just FYI deep breathing also help to release toxin, tension, pain emotion, and also it can make us relax!

If we do deep breathing, in our rooms, no sound, (maybe classical music) , to make our mind relax, soon or later we will fall to sleep! but if our mind not relax, high tension or what so ever! its really hard to fall asleep! so deep breathing are very useful if we want fall asleep as soon as possible! anyway, don't try sleeping drugs! cause for long term the dose will increase, so its not recommended!
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Senin, 17 April 2017

How many Bee Gees are Still Alive

Barry Gibb and jhon travolta

Are you curious about, how many bee gees are still alive ? check this out guys! ;) to be honest I like Bee Gees! because they are so creative, you know what so special about them, ;) they use falsetto to trick high tone! lol! you can get a way in 80's! but if you do this now! or using falsetto in Idol's competition! you'll screw ! for sure! 😂 

Anyway about  Bee Gees member, most of them are already died! but only one that still alive i.e Barry Gibb! If you curious about how old Barry Gibb is, now he's 70 years old! yep, pretty old for most of us! but he still got the spirit! because recently Barry and Jhon Travolta will jam together at CBS! by the way Jhon Travolta are 63 year old! 

And Do you know that Barry Gibb actually have little brother! he's name is Andy Gibb, he died in the age of 30! died because of  myocarditis or heart inflammation! and rumor said, he died because of to many using coke! so guys! don't use that stuff ;) ok! because it can burn you heart! 😂 stay safe and do healthy life! because as you see, Barry still on fire even on age 70! I am sure, Barry got lesson from life experiences! so I am not surprise, if he can do the show and sing, in the age of 70! 😎

anyway guys, watch my favorite song, Jhon and Bee Gees!  on action! just watch when Jhon move! so fungky and corny! lol! 😂 but its pretty cool in 80's!

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US Response To North Korea Missile Test

mike pence north korea

Want to know what US reaction to north Korea missile launch ? check it out guys! to be honest, after North Korea launch their missile (unfortunately fails) I thought Trump will do some Nasty comment on twitter, but unfortunately not, so I think he know and realize that situation are almost getting wild! not a long ago after north Korea test their missiles, Vice president Mike Pence go to south Korea and visit US military base and strength their army moral, and give the message to North Korea, Don't test America patient! The era of strategic patience is over," Pence said

Personally for me Vice president Pence are quite brave especially doing surprise visit to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)! I mean anything could happen, especially if we dealing with North Korea! anything can happen! but pence with brave and saying, we don't have time to play a games! plus visit the DMZ are one of the bravest action! for a leader visit an almost war Zone are unusual! because it show to the enemy that they have no fear! and it can make great impact, whether its to enemy or to their army man!

Once we have president, that really have that kind of Balls,! i.e visit war zone! after that, our president get respect from 200 millions people! because for a president or leader visit  a war zone, can be the end of games!
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Ledakan Mobil Untuk Habib Rizieq! Teror

bom mobil habib rizieq

Mau tahu gan, tentang teror ledakan mobil habib rizieq ? yuuk cekidot! ;) kejadian ledakan bom mobil, terjadi pada saat ribuan masa FPI sedang berkumpul untuk acara tabligh akbar, dengan tiba tiba sebuah mobil Avanza terbakar dan meluncur ke arah jemaah FPI! al hasil dengan seketika mobil Avanza tersebut meledak di tengah tengah jemaah FPI! 

Juru bicara FPI mengatakan bahwa tidak ada polisi yang berjaga, ketika kejadian tersebut berlangsung, dan mereka sangat aneh akan hal itu! Pihak FPI berasumsi bahwa ada settingan tentang kejadian ini!

Memang akhir akhir ini sering terjadi teror jadi tidak heran, jika pihak FPI pun mengalami serangan Teror Bom! atau mungkin apakah ini yang di sebut dengan balasan teror! siapa yang tahu ? tapi kita lihat saja nanti, apakah teror bom mobil habib rizieq akan terulang ? jika iyah, maka hal tersebut patut untuk di curigai! tapi jika tidak, anggap saja Habib lagi di Coba :)  who knows yah kan ?
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Stores Open On Easter Sunday 2017!

stores open on easter sunday

Want to know which stores open on Easter Sunday 2017 ? check it out guys! ;) most of big store majority will closed on public holiday! the reason because of government regulation! but some country will allow food store, drink, and spare part! but for gas station they will open! even on Easter or public holiday! 

What about Star Bucks or mcdonalds? is Starbucks open on easter 2017! yep, they maybe open, since Starbuck are franchise business, they could be open for a half day! for most big business that have huge worker, most of the time, they will closed on public holiday! because the worker need holiday, and to maintain the stress level! .e.g Wall Marts, Macy's, Target, Dillard, Best Buy, Costco, Michael's Stores (most of them will closed on public holidays)

But for small stores, Gas station, Food, Drink and spare part cars! they will be open! the reason simply because even for holiday people will need their services, and Goods! so that's why government allow them to open on restricted day trading!
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Minggu, 16 April 2017

How to Apply for Jobs and Get Hired Fast!

Apply for Jobs

Want to know, How to Apply for Jobs, and get Hired almost immediately ?  Check it out guys ;) almost everyone need a jobs! that for sure! but to get hired, its all about demand, and how many jobs slot that available, and how many people that company will hired! yep, its all about Market laws! 

When we apply a regular jobs, e.g Staff administration, Assistance Manager, Factory worker, waitress or what ever, that too common! most of the time, we will not get hired! the reason simply because to many application and HR manager don't have time to read all application, including your application! so the big question is, how to get a jobs easily!

The answer are quite simple! apply for a jobs, that nobody wanted! 😎 quite simple right ? but just like wise man always said! easy to say than done! 😂 because most of the time, most people will do a job even he/she don't want that kind of jobs! but there is a job, that will needing specific skills, that not many people have it! so in a nutshell, find a jobs that will need a rare skills! 😎 

Here's another clue! Do you know that most people don't want a loss! 😎 yep! most people want profits! including you! me and everyone else! so imagine, if you have skill that can make some company make huge profits! what you think ? do you think that company will wasted your skills ? 😂 If they do that! then its their loss! 😎  and most of the time, people that have skill that can make profit, most of the time, they don't work! 😎 so basically that kind of people no need to worry about whether they get a job or not! because without a job, actually they already make some money! 😎

So the important question is, what to do to get that kind of skill ? 😎 Smart question! in order to have Good skills, or valuable skill set! you need to understand the most fundamental part in every business or company! when we talk about business, it will always go to sales, marketing, promotion and etc! because for company or even small business will need to sell something to get profit! so if you have good selling skill, most of time your life wouldn't bother with small problems! instead you'll think how to make profits, rather than how to get a jobs! but on the other hand, there's a time that you'll consider, that you will need some jobs for social status!

I assuming, now you already get the big picture! i.e selling skill are important!  to be honest with you, at first I also hate to sell something, in fact I really hate so bad! because for me selling are something that wasting a times! i.e big efforts but no result! but after learn something, then I realize, actually selling some stuff are not bad Idea! I mean, it's very easy, because what we need is only give an offer, promotion etc. and then some people will buy our product! but the most important factor are, we have to find people that need that product! if we can find that peoples or group! most of the time, we will make sales i.e money! if you really good with that stuff! trust me, you don't need a lame a55 job! 😎

Pro Tips! Try to learn about marketing! sell some stuff on the internet! use Ads, Craiglist, Blogging, Social media FB, twitter, Youtube, forums or what ever it take to get sales! do that after a years or two! trust me, your skill will increase so fast! 😎 when you reach that kind of skill finding  a job are easy! because first, you don't need a jobs! because you already making money without them! secondly you have valuable skill that almost every company want it! the last one is, you have option, whether you choose do regular jobs, VS running your own business! 

How to sell on the internet ? selling on the net are not hard! first do research, and find what product that can sell by it self! or have demand! go to ebay, amazon, local markets, or your friends product! second, do promotion using social media, blogging, ads or etc!if you already do all of that stuff! just wait a week or month! after a while you'll see sales coming, and money will roll in! 😎 and when you achieve that! trust me! you'll not think to get a jobs! 😂

Since this topic about finding a  jobs! so here a tips to apply a jobs online! 

Go to jobs site! e.g Indeed, Monster,CareerBuilder, Dice, Glassdoor, Idealist, Linkedin, Linkup, Simply Hired, US jobs and etc! find Jobs that suite you! if you not sure about the jobs! don't apply! because if you do that, that will wasting everyone times! find the most jobs, that you can and know the job desc!

Get some experiences, e.g Intern, Volunteer, social jobs, build portfolio and etc! do that, for free! and then put that in your CV! because from that your interviewer can tell, that you have good work ethics! and have good skill and want serious jobs!

The most important factor to get hired, basically its in your CV, and your portfolio! because most HR manger will always said, your CV tell everything! 😎 example! you have sites, thousand people visit your site! its already there, in Google First page! what your manager will think about it ? well of course, you have the skill! but there is another important consideration! because most of the time, company need ppl that can do teamwork! unfortunately most people that have good skill, they can't do teamwork! 😎 if I were you, just hide it! as long you get hired, and get Good payment! doesn't matter right ?!

What about latest CV format, nice CV or bla..bla..bla..! well maybe that kind of stuff can help! but if I were HR manager! I don't need that kind of unimportant stuff! why ? because you can copy and download on the internet! right ? 😂 oh, another things, that can get you hired is, try to connect with the manager, or the interviewer! or if you can, find good link to that company, and make them your friends! most of the time, HR department always love referral employee!  after all who want stranger ? 😎 nobody want that!

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North Korea Attempted Missile Launch!

north korea missile launch fails

Does north korea attempted to launch their missile and  fails ? Check this out guys! ;) Recently Kim Jong Un Show off, by attempting to launch their missile, but it seem their missile are failed to launch! (according to US pacific Command) 

This action showing, that its ignoring their ally China, for not doing anything including launch their missiles! so its seem North Korea don't want to hear anyone including their biggest allies! not so sure why they doing this, but it seem North Korea want to show off, that they actually have Long rang Missiles! and not fake just like media tell! 

But at least now we know, North Korea have a missiles! but the only important question is, does North Missiles can reach US ! 😎 and if they have! well, it could be disaster! and very dangerous for US! because it can threat their national security! but many experts say, North Korea missile can't reach US! only short distance to South Korea or east Asia country!  so its safe, but not 100% safe!

So, the most important question is, what Donald Trump will do, after he saw  North Korea attempt to launch their missiles ? because personally I assuming, that North Korea want to tell the US that they actually have! and not just fake or BS!I assuming President Donald Trump will make some action! it could careless action or maybe the smart action! such as negotiate with China! because the most reasonable action for trump is by doing negotiate with China, and let China deal with North Korea!

By doing that, it can save a lot of money and life's! because if Trump using his military power to attack North Korea, it could be wasted their money and time! for sure it long distance war! secondly North Korea have big army! and the last one is, they can't Nuke North Korea, because their location are near with Giant China and their allies South Korea! so, actually, US don't need do anything about this issue! but if trump doing careless action! there's a chance! that Trump will move his army and deal with Kim Jong Un and doing a war!

But make sure, when US want war with North Korea, try not to make mistakes! because if they make mistakes, the cost are very big! i.e World War! as you already know sometime mistakes can happen! including shooting a missiles! if US shoot missile and miss the target! it could be disaster!

Personally, if I were Donald Trump, I wont eat the bait, from Kim Jong Un! why ? because its very very long distance! and if Donald really send Massive army! it could be make the heat getting worse in that area! and the risk are to great! because one mistake can cost the Giant to make some preventive action! i.e self defense! who knows right ? especially when you visit some unknown Territory, there's a chance you'll get Lock up in that area, and can't go nowhere!

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North Korea Parade Missile Fake! and Fails

north korea parade missile fails

Want to know does North Korea parade Missile are for real or fake ? Check this out guys! ;) some experts say In North Korea parade missile are fake, because it show the image are undulating skin on the head of the missile! but some experts also saying while North Korea Missile are fake, it doesn't mean they don't have one! because they probably hide somewhere in some place!
There's a chance that missile are fake, because from the image the missile are not to convincing! in 2012, North Korea trying to launch satellite and they fail! but Experts from German Markus Schiller said it doesn't mean North Korea don't have missile for long range! they have, somewhere in some place! because if not, US will not have to worry about the situation! 

For me personally Markus right! maybe the parade missile are fake, and maybe they failed to launch the satellite in 2012! but now 2017, there is a chance, that North Korea already make some progress! and hide the missile out there in some place! and I don't want to make too far assumption, that North Korea doing Hoax Parade just for fun! because actually they don't need to do that! and also never underestimate North Korea military power! because  the fact is, they have millions of soldier! even for US, they can easily defeat North korea with just 20 MOAB! 

The best thing that US can do to fix this heat with North Korea, actually is by doing talk and negotiation! By attacking each other will not solve everything! from what I seen, I think Trump want new Regime Change in North and not only about Nuclear, so I think its very hard request! Because Kim Jong Un already there for a long time, so if Donald Trump asking Kim To step back from his seat, the only way to do this is by doing war and defeat North Korea, to change the Regime! but for sure, it will cost a lot price, and life! 

The Big question is, is it worth to spend millions of money and life just to change some country regime ? and even the regime change it doesn't mean US will have full control to North Korea! its just like war in Iraq, Yes! they defeat Saddam Husein Regime,  and give Iraq new freedom, but there's no point doing it! well at least it not worth the price! because from what I heard US already spend trillions of Dollar and thousands life's! for north Korea case, it could be more to spend! because we all know North Korea Military power are not just talk!

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Sabtu, 15 April 2017

How long Does it Take For a Giraffe To Give Birth

Want to know, how long does it take for a giraffe to give birth? check this out guys! The gestation period for a giraffe is about 1,3 Years or 15 month, and once hooves are seen, labor usually lasts about 30–60 minutes. A giraffes need to be birth quickly! because its very vulnerable if they don't birth as soon as possible they could get attack from predators! more quicker are more better! because in real jungle, there are predator! and it can make giraffes mom in danger! an animal such as lion, hyena, and etc! can attack them from nowhere, and as result both mom and kids could died in that event! 

There's no exact time for for how long a giraffe give a birth! but most of the time about a half to an hour! but it will depend on the situation! in real nature, it can be fast, because they don't want to get eat by lion or another predator! but in a zoo, it could take more longer since no predator that can threat their life!


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Can North Korea Missiles Reach The UK

north korea missiles

Can north korea missiles reach the uk ? hard to tell, but recently CNN, got info from US Military defense, that they confirm, Kim Jong Un, have intercontinental ballistic missile! but not yet perfect! in 2006, NK already have long distance missile that can reach about 8 thousand KM, so I am sure, in the last ten years, North Korea already developed the distance to reach more far! that's is why US recently have tension and worry about North Korea Nuclear!

Basically if you saw map! the distance between UK to Pyongyang, only about 8656 KM! yep! actually they don't need intercontinental missile! they only need the long range one! :) (lol) but we do hope, the tension between US and North Korea are getting calm! cause as we know UK are one of US allies! so technically if Kim Jong UN, mad with Trump! there is big chance, they will start to test UK!(personal opinion) but I won't go that far! I mean, if donald use his head, I am sure we can avoid war! anyway who want war ? no ? 

But if Donald T keep pushing, and play the odd ball with NK, and as we know Kim Jong Un, are have no patience with US, so he can hit the button, and start the war! but if Donald, can wise, and make deal with China, I am sure NK can behave and talk about this issue nicely with cold headed! basically there is no need to go that far! i.e war! because 1 missile will cost to much, at least more than Millions of dollar! so if they only use missile to show how great their country are, it could be wasting a ton of money! not mention the effect of radioactive, that can bring weird disease! all Europe can get the effect! because to spread Nuclear effect it only need wind to blow! and that's it! acid rain happen!😎

Moral lesson are, try to respect each other! other wise we can go back to war era!

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Does Congestion Charge Apply Today

Congestion Charge zone

Want to know, does congestion charge apply today ? check it out guys! ;)  normally you have to pay congestion charge if you pass some area from Monday to Friday at 07.00-18.00 ! but for public holiday, weekend, Christmas eve or even good Friday are free to charge! if you want to pay less, and get discount you can use autopay( CC or debit card charge yearly)! and also if you registered for resident(local) you'll get 90% discount! I.e £1.05 rather than £11.50

for more detail or if you want to register visit this page ( to get discount or using autopay it will need some document to register via online! for resident it can help big time! but if you just passing by, I think paying  £11.50 are the most reasonable! at least you only pass Congestion Charge just for once a while!  by the way, if you not using autopay, you should pay before midnight otherwise you'll get penalty(PCN) 

The best way if you don't want to pay Congestion Charge you must find alternative routes! but it will be hard if you not familiar or maybe you have urgent need!

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How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs For Easter

boiled eggs time

Want to know How to make hard boiled eggs for easter ? check this out guys! ;) I love to eat boiled eggs! who doesn't right ? but the question is How long, to make perfect boiled eggs ? good question! for me personally depend on what boiled eggs that I want, fully hard cooked, or just a half cooked! if I want perfect boiled eggs! most of the time, I will spend about 10-12 minutes to boiled the egg on the pot!

But for a half Cooked, I prefer with 6 minutes! but it will depend on your stove, and pots! but for average, 10-15 minutes, for fully hard cooked! and 5-8 minutes for half cooked! if you want make boiled eggs for easter, or give color! try to cooked the egg first! and then you can give the color or decorating the egg as you want! cause if you decorate before the eggs cooked, then it could be disaster!(I am sure you know already)

What I love from boiled eggs, you can't eat them with peper, and salt! sometime with chilies! most of ppl prefer with black paper or something! but for me personally I eat boiled eggs with chilies! ;) try it! I am sure you will love it! My mother always cook full boiled eggs and mix them with some spicy soup, and the taste are amazing! moist and spicy! 😇 I don't know about the recipes! but every time, I eat them! its feel so good and tasty! lol! 😂  but if you just want to make average boiled eggs, the perfect time is about 6 minutes for half cooked! and 15 minutes for fully cooked! and that's it! try it guys! it's very easy! 😂

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What Time Does Tesco Close on Good Friday

tesco open hours

Want to know what time does tesco close on good friday ? check it out guys! ;) Tesco store majority will open on Saturday from 8 AM to 10 PM,  but for good Friday, they will be closed all day! but for small supermarket, most of the time they will be open!  because Government regulation for most country are allowed for some store to open on restricted day trading! e.g Food, Drink, Petrols/gas station spare part cars, and etc! i.e basic needs.

If I were you I will buy more stuff before Good friday started, because most majority big store or supermarkets will be closed for the entire day! the reason simply because big store most of the times, have to many workers and also their family have to make gathering or something like that! so it's very normal for big store to closed on holidays! but for small store they are allowed to open for business!

But maybe for small region, that far away from city center, it could be open! but majority they are closed all day! but if you don't want to go to small supermarket in your area, why not try online supermarkets! I am sure they will be open all day! you just need to order some food or drink via online! and they will send everything that you need! :)

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How Much Did Good Friday Appeal Raise

good friday appeal raise money

Want to know how much did good friday appeal raise ? check it out guys! ;) raise money for charity basically are good deeds especially on Good Friday! I mean it's the right times to increase merit value! because for some reason time are very important!(or maybe just me) but the purpose are the most important, for example if we raise charity to help other people out there, especially for the people that need money(to cover hospital cost), it can really big help especially for them that needing one! 

at some point its also help social gap between the poor and the rich! for long term, it can create some good atmosphere in that area! imagine if the rich doesn't help the poor! for sure it can make them really mad! and it can increase the tension and feeling abandon! what happen today in our society are simply because ignorance from the rich! at least if we donate small money or do charity for people that need some money! trust me it can help them, and they will memorize, that there's good people out there! :) 

At this time, Good friday appeal raise money about 17 Millions Dolar! I think its good enough! but it would be good, if the entire nation give the charity. even for small as $1 or something!  But do you know, for a people that give charity, it can increase your wealth ? 😇 in US there's some case study and research, about 10 thousand people that do donation about 10% of their money! and result, their wealth increase about 10% next month! cool ehh ? 😎 So form now on, don't hesitate to give donation! and watch the result in the next money! 😎  just ask, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, or even Warren buffet, why they donate almost 50% of their money! 😎 yep! they will get more, if you give more! 😂  anyway thanks for reading guys !
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