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Selasa, 18 April 2017

How to Tie a Double Windsor Knot Step by Step

Want to know, how to tie a double Windsor knot step by step ?  check this out guys! ;) basically how to do a tie, its not that hard! in fact anyone can do it easily! video above will show you step by step how to do tie a tie!

at first doing a tie to tie, are complicated, but if you practice everyday, you can do a tie, easily by heart! but before you go to that phase, you must practicing tie a tie, frequently! because if you do this, your brain can easily remember this! practice the tutorial above, 10 times or maybe more! after that your brain will understand the right angle how to this, easily without have to think i.e automatically!

the basic principle are same like doing shoelace! it will not easy at first time, but since we do almost everyday, then we getting used to it and without thinking we can do shoelace easily!

By the way guys! focus! don't see the B! instead the tie! ;) lol!

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How to fall asleep instantly ?

fall asleep

Want to know, How to fall asleep instantly ? check this out guys! ;) To be honest with you I also have same problems with sleeping, because most of my works are finding important information( lot of stress), and other stuff that I must do almost everyday! so basically I have problems with sleeping! but after I read some articles out there, and it really works! maybe not instant fall asleep, but it can help most of us, that having trouble with insomnia or whatsoever! 

When I want to go sleep, its hard to sleep well immediately, even we already closed our eyes, still!  we can't fall asleep! its just like closing our eyes, but we can heard almost everything, if we not go to sleep mode, no matter how many our we closed our eyes, it doesn't matter! and when we open our eyes, we not charge our battery! so, no matter what, we have to go sleep mode! 😎 OK, here's what I do to go to sleep mode almost immediately!

First take a deep breath! take very very deep breath! and then release it after you count to 5 and then increase to 10! or maybe 15 if you can!  if not just count to 10, then release slowly and count to 10 also! do this for 5-10 minutes! why we doing this stupid things ? 😂 well, its not stupid actually! because when we do deep breathing, it can help ourself to relax and clear our mind! the reason why we can't sleep, its because we have a lot of things in our mind! and because of that reason you can't fall asleep!  just FYI deep breathing also help to release toxin, tension, pain emotion, and also it can make us relax!

If we do deep breathing, in our rooms, no sound, (maybe classical music) , to make our mind relax, soon or later we will fall to sleep! but if our mind not relax, high tension or what so ever! its really hard to fall asleep! so deep breathing are very useful if we want fall asleep as soon as possible! anyway, don't try sleeping drugs! cause for long term the dose will increase, so its not recommended!
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Senin, 17 April 2017

How many Bee Gees are Still Alive

Barry Gibb and jhon travolta

Are you curious about, how many bee gees are still alive ? check this out guys! ;) to be honest I like Bee Gees! because they are so creative, you know what so special about them, ;) they use falsetto to trick high tone! lol! you can get a way in 80's! but if you do this now! or using falsetto in Idol's competition! you'll screw ! for sure! 😂 

Anyway about  Bee Gees member, most of them are already died! but only one that still alive i.e Barry Gibb! If you curious about how old Barry Gibb is, now he's 70 years old! yep, pretty old for most of us! but he still got the spirit! because recently Barry and Jhon Travolta will jam together at CBS! by the way Jhon Travolta are 63 year old! 

And Do you know that Barry Gibb actually have little brother! he's name is Andy Gibb, he died in the age of 30! died because of  myocarditis or heart inflammation! and rumor said, he died because of to many using coke! so guys! don't use that stuff ;) ok! because it can burn you heart! 😂 stay safe and do healthy life! because as you see, Barry still on fire even on age 70! I am sure, Barry got lesson from life experiences! so I am not surprise, if he can do the show and sing, in the age of 70! 😎

anyway guys, watch my favorite song, Jhon and Bee Gees!  on action! just watch when Jhon move! so fungky and corny! lol! 😂 but its pretty cool in 80's!

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Minggu, 16 April 2017

How to Apply for Jobs and Get Hired Fast!

Apply for Jobs

Want to know, How to Apply for Jobs, and get Hired almost immediately ?  Check it out guys ;) almost everyone need a jobs! that for sure! but to get hired, its all about demand, and how many jobs slot that available, and how many people that company will hired! yep, its all about Market laws! 

When we apply a regular jobs, e.g Staff administration, Assistance Manager, Factory worker, waitress or what ever, that too common! most of the time, we will not get hired! the reason simply because to many application and HR manager don't have time to read all application, including your application! so the big question is, how to get a jobs easily!

The answer are quite simple! apply for a jobs, that nobody wanted! 😎 quite simple right ? but just like wise man always said! easy to say than done! 😂 because most of the time, most people will do a job even he/she don't want that kind of jobs! but there is a job, that will needing specific skills, that not many people have it! so in a nutshell, find a jobs that will need a rare skills! 😎 

Here's another clue! Do you know that most people don't want a loss! 😎 yep! most people want profits! including you! me and everyone else! so imagine, if you have skill that can make some company make huge profits! what you think ? do you think that company will wasted your skills ? 😂 If they do that! then its their loss! 😎  and most of the time, people that have skill that can make profit, most of the time, they don't work! 😎 so basically that kind of people no need to worry about whether they get a job or not! because without a job, actually they already make some money! 😎

So the important question is, what to do to get that kind of skill ? 😎 Smart question! in order to have Good skills, or valuable skill set! you need to understand the most fundamental part in every business or company! when we talk about business, it will always go to sales, marketing, promotion and etc! because for company or even small business will need to sell something to get profit! so if you have good selling skill, most of time your life wouldn't bother with small problems! instead you'll think how to make profits, rather than how to get a jobs! but on the other hand, there's a time that you'll consider, that you will need some jobs for social status!

I assuming, now you already get the big picture! i.e selling skill are important!  to be honest with you, at first I also hate to sell something, in fact I really hate so bad! because for me selling are something that wasting a times! i.e big efforts but no result! but after learn something, then I realize, actually selling some stuff are not bad Idea! I mean, it's very easy, because what we need is only give an offer, promotion etc. and then some people will buy our product! but the most important factor are, we have to find people that need that product! if we can find that peoples or group! most of the time, we will make sales i.e money! if you really good with that stuff! trust me, you don't need a lame a55 job! 😎

Pro Tips! Try to learn about marketing! sell some stuff on the internet! use Ads, Craiglist, Blogging, Social media FB, twitter, Youtube, forums or what ever it take to get sales! do that after a years or two! trust me, your skill will increase so fast! 😎 when you reach that kind of skill finding  a job are easy! because first, you don't need a jobs! because you already making money without them! secondly you have valuable skill that almost every company want it! the last one is, you have option, whether you choose do regular jobs, VS running your own business! 

How to sell on the internet ? selling on the net are not hard! first do research, and find what product that can sell by it self! or have demand! go to ebay, amazon, local markets, or your friends product! second, do promotion using social media, blogging, ads or etc!if you already do all of that stuff! just wait a week or month! after a while you'll see sales coming, and money will roll in! 😎 and when you achieve that! trust me! you'll not think to get a jobs! 😂

Since this topic about finding a  jobs! so here a tips to apply a jobs online! 

Go to jobs site! e.g Indeed, Monster,CareerBuilder, Dice, Glassdoor, Idealist, Linkedin, Linkup, Simply Hired, US jobs and etc! find Jobs that suite you! if you not sure about the jobs! don't apply! because if you do that, that will wasting everyone times! find the most jobs, that you can and know the job desc!

Get some experiences, e.g Intern, Volunteer, social jobs, build portfolio and etc! do that, for free! and then put that in your CV! because from that your interviewer can tell, that you have good work ethics! and have good skill and want serious jobs!

The most important factor to get hired, basically its in your CV, and your portfolio! because most HR manger will always said, your CV tell everything! 😎 example! you have sites, thousand people visit your site! its already there, in Google First page! what your manager will think about it ? well of course, you have the skill! but there is another important consideration! because most of the time, company need ppl that can do teamwork! unfortunately most people that have good skill, they can't do teamwork! 😎 if I were you, just hide it! as long you get hired, and get Good payment! doesn't matter right ?!

What about latest CV format, nice CV or bla..bla..bla..! well maybe that kind of stuff can help! but if I were HR manager! I don't need that kind of unimportant stuff! why ? because you can copy and download on the internet! right ? 😂 oh, another things, that can get you hired is, try to connect with the manager, or the interviewer! or if you can, find good link to that company, and make them your friends! most of the time, HR department always love referral employee!  after all who want stranger ? 😎 nobody want that!

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Sabtu, 15 April 2017

How long Does it Take For a Giraffe To Give Birth

Want to know, how long does it take for a giraffe to give birth? check this out guys! The gestation period for a giraffe is about 1,3 Years or 15 month, and once hooves are seen, labor usually lasts about 30–60 minutes. A giraffes need to be birth quickly! because its very vulnerable if they don't birth as soon as possible they could get attack from predators! more quicker are more better! because in real jungle, there are predator! and it can make giraffes mom in danger! an animal such as lion, hyena, and etc! can attack them from nowhere, and as result both mom and kids could died in that event! 

There's no exact time for for how long a giraffe give a birth! but most of the time about a half to an hour! but it will depend on the situation! in real nature, it can be fast, because they don't want to get eat by lion or another predator! but in a zoo, it could take more longer since no predator that can threat their life!


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How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs For Easter

boiled eggs time

Want to know How to make hard boiled eggs for easter ? check this out guys! ;) I love to eat boiled eggs! who doesn't right ? but the question is How long, to make perfect boiled eggs ? good question! for me personally depend on what boiled eggs that I want, fully hard cooked, or just a half cooked! if I want perfect boiled eggs! most of the time, I will spend about 10-12 minutes to boiled the egg on the pot!

But for a half Cooked, I prefer with 6 minutes! but it will depend on your stove, and pots! but for average, 10-15 minutes, for fully hard cooked! and 5-8 minutes for half cooked! if you want make boiled eggs for easter, or give color! try to cooked the egg first! and then you can give the color or decorating the egg as you want! cause if you decorate before the eggs cooked, then it could be disaster!(I am sure you know already)

What I love from boiled eggs, you can't eat them with peper, and salt! sometime with chilies! most of ppl prefer with black paper or something! but for me personally I eat boiled eggs with chilies! ;) try it! I am sure you will love it! My mother always cook full boiled eggs and mix them with some spicy soup, and the taste are amazing! moist and spicy! 😇 I don't know about the recipes! but every time, I eat them! its feel so good and tasty! lol! 😂  but if you just want to make average boiled eggs, the perfect time is about 6 minutes for half cooked! and 15 minutes for fully cooked! and that's it! try it guys! it's very easy! 😂

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How Much Did Good Friday Appeal Raise

good friday appeal raise money

Want to know how much did good friday appeal raise ? check it out guys! ;) raise money for charity basically are good deeds especially on Good Friday! I mean it's the right times to increase merit value! because for some reason time are very important!(or maybe just me) but the purpose are the most important, for example if we raise charity to help other people out there, especially for the people that need money(to cover hospital cost), it can really big help especially for them that needing one! 

at some point its also help social gap between the poor and the rich! for long term, it can create some good atmosphere in that area! imagine if the rich doesn't help the poor! for sure it can make them really mad! and it can increase the tension and feeling abandon! what happen today in our society are simply because ignorance from the rich! at least if we donate small money or do charity for people that need some money! trust me it can help them, and they will memorize, that there's good people out there! :) 

At this time, Good friday appeal raise money about 17 Millions Dolar! I think its good enough! but it would be good, if the entire nation give the charity. even for small as $1 or something!  But do you know, for a people that give charity, it can increase your wealth ? 😇 in US there's some case study and research, about 10 thousand people that do donation about 10% of their money! and result, their wealth increase about 10% next month! cool ehh ? 😎 So form now on, don't hesitate to give donation! and watch the result in the next money! 😎  just ask, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, or even Warren buffet, why they donate almost 50% of their money! 😎 yep! they will get more, if you give more! 😂  anyway thanks for reading guys !
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Jumat, 14 April 2017

How Much Does The MOAB Bomb Cost

how much does the moab bomb cost

Want to know how much does the moab bomb cost ? check this out guys ;) Moab are stand for Massive Ordnance Air Blast the code are GBU-43! yep, it sound like God Bless you! (lol)  Donald trump call MOAB as mother  of all bomb!  the range distance damage are about 300 meter in every direction! so, this things are good enough to destroy some terorist camp!the cost to build one MOAB area bout $16 Million USD, at this moment US military only have 20, so they already spend about $300 Million USD! 

The good thing about Moab Bomb are no radioactive! but have Destruction power almost like nuclear bombs! so this baby are good enough to make Kim Jung un silent for a while! as you already know, US military recently test this bomb to hit Isis Camp, and succeed destroy Isis camp in Afghanistan!  

Donald trump really happy and proud, because US military not only destroy ISIS camp, but also send a messages to North Korea, that they have a bomb that almost equal with Nuke Bomb, so if NK trying to attack, US will launch this bomb to destroy NK nuclear camp without have to worry with their allies and their neighbor I.e China! cause if US attack North korea with nuke bomb, that can trigger new era of world war! 

Without Moab, Donald trump will having a lot of difficulties not mention risk loosing a lot of their men! because NK have massive army about million ppl! so, if they strike NK on the ground, that will be high risk! but since they have GBU-43, they don't need to send their army to attack NK, they only need their Air force and then drop some MOAB, one or two to the right target! it's very effective with less casualties! especially if Trump can hit important base camp! 

So the conclusion is, MAOB bomb are very costly i.e $16 Million USD, but for big war, it can be very effective to hit important  and strategic base camp, and can win the war, with less victims!
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How Many MOABs Does the US Have and How Much

MOAB cost

Want to know about how many MOAB US have ? check it out guys ;) US military already spend about 300 million USD dollar! each MOAB cost about $16 Millions USD, so they have about 20 MOABs! so, yes, it very costly! especially if you use for unimportant issue, i.e Because of tweet! lol 😂

There are reason why US military drop MOAB in Afghanistan! as you already know, there is some conflict between US and North Korea! North Korea said, they want to use nuclear bomb and attack US, not so sure why, is it of donald Tweet, or maybe because of Pro Assad Syria, i.e Oil in the middle east! but for sure, Donald Trump use MAOB and Drop in Afghanistan, is to give message to North Korea! maybe Donald and US military already considered that using MOAB it can make their enemy think twice to make an attack!

For me personally using MOAB in Afghanistan will not stop the issue! the reason simply because its all about oil! and also Donald tweet always make other ppl really mad! if he doing it again, it can cause to many problems! well of course world knows, US have Bomb, but it doesn't mean other country, especially that have interest for oil, will just sit and watch! and said, oh we scared! of course not! especially for China! because of oil, it can make huge issue! but at least if Donald behave like real leader, I am sure, other country have give great respect and find best solution without military power! but if Donald Trumps always make trouble soon or later, most leader will have no respect, and suspect that Donald don't have credibility to solve oil problems! so why negotiate ? if most leader thought Donald Can't solve that issue! so the issue is about Donald Personality! is he can be trusted or not ?

Last time Donald Tweet about asking China to take care North Korea! and he said, he will give better trade policy! if china take care that problems! but if China make a move and solve the problems, and Donald don't give his promise! that could be huge problems!
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Kamis, 13 April 2017

How to Apply for Amazon Work From Home Jobs

amazon hiring at home jobs

Want to know, how to apply for amazon work from home jobs ?  check it out guys! ;) basically there are no different between apply home jobs or real! maybe a little because most of your work will be at home! so, that's why you'll need to qualify this minimum criteria! 

Microsoft Computer Requirements:
· 64-bit Operating System
· 10 mbps download speed or faster (10 mbps download and 5 mbps upload) from a reliable provider
· Must be directly connected to router/modem via Ethernet cable (no satellite or wireless internet)
· If you are using a laptop, it must be connected to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse
· Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or OSX 10.9 or higher · Windows Auto Update · Windows Defender

for more detail information pls visit this page 
and then type "virtual location" on refine result box you will get all home job at amazon! 

a little tips about work from home! well, basically to apply all jobs you'll need to do this! 

Do your Home work! this important! if we want to get a jobs, we have to know who are they, and in what industry, and the most important part is, you have to know your job desc! because you'll look good when they interviewing you, and you know almost about everything! and also you will more calm when they ask you some unpredictable question! for example, you apply for virtual call center for amazon german! for sure you'll need be able to speak german fluently! because most of the time, your jobs are dealing costumer complain from german! and if you only half knowing about their language! it could be wasting your time, in the end, you'll have to quit! a few tips from Headhunter! Find the most common problems in that job! what is, and learn about it! and find the best solution! if you can find the best method to handle that problems! most of the time, they will not think twice! in fact you'll get hired fast! 

Secondly! try to connect with the interviewer! it can help big time! because not only you that apply or need that job that's the fact! and if you can connect with them nicely! most of the time, they will remember about you! sometime when we get a jobs, its not because how good we are! instead how nice we are! and how to adapt with the environment! i.e team work! and always remember! HR manager don't want trouble maker! I know you are not! but there's some attitude that can make you fail on interview! try to be robot(lol) or someone that always do what your boss tell you to do! I know its weird! but most of the time it works! because most of manager want worker that always ready for the job! they don't want to hear your drama! that for sure!

Last but not least! try to understand company objective! they want profit, they want most reasonable spending! so most of the time, they will prefer with cheap cost rather than high cost! ;) if you know what I mean! maybe not all company! but most of them are!😎  I know some people quote this, about Ideal worker! they will hired you if they think you can make them easy money!😎 it mean, if you really good, have good attitude, and have good skill, for them you are like purple squirrel!

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How Did Henrietta Dugdale Die

Henrietta Augusta Dugdale

Want to know how did henrietta dugdale die ? well, if you curious about it find out now ;) Henrietta Augusta Dugdale, basically died because of his age, she dies on age 91 (1827-1918) she is a brave women that fight for equality and emancipation so some day, man and women have same right and obligation. 

She was Born in London 14 may 1827, daughter of John Worrell and his mother names are Henrietta! so basically yes, her name are  from his mother names Henrietta! its very rare using from mother names! especially on that times, so I am sure her brave are coming from his mother!

On age 21 Henritta Dugdale arrived to Melbourne with his husband Davies! but after his husband death, she marry again with William Dugdale, Son Of English Clergyman, so that's why she got Dugdale name! on june 1903 she married with Frederick Jhonson.

But his bravery that always want emancipation for women basically because Of Dugdale Influence, because most of women activist most of them are came from nobel family! it is almost impossible for average women to speak emancipation! especially at that times! but for women that have nobility, well, nobody have complain right ?  but no matter what thanks to Henrietta Dugdale, now most of women have same right and obligation like man do i.e equal! maybe not all places, but at least most part of the world already accept women that have same right and obligation like every man in this planet!

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How to Bring Back Deleted Messages For Android ?

Want to know, how to bring back deleted messages For Android ? actually its not that hard, you only need an apps to help recover deleted message! try this apps, MyJad Android SMS Recovery! actually there are a lot of apps to retrieve deleted message! but most of them are only for Iphone or etc! good news is, with MyJad Sms Recovery you can use for any android!  bellow are the step how to bring back deleted messages in your smartphone!

first step, dowload MyJad SMS recovery! for PC! you can search Google and find their official site! if you already have this software on your pc, next step is! 

Find Developer option on your smartphone! it will be like the pic bellow!  Choose USB debugging!  and if you don't have developer option try to find about Phone! and then tap build number! until get message like this " you are now developer" after that you will have developer option.

how to bring back deleted messages

Next step is, connecting your smartphone with PC,  you will get pic like this! wait for a while, and then you will see messages option! select messages that you want to recover! if you already sure 100% click recover botton, on the bottom right! and that's it! its all done :) very easy right ?

bring back deleted messages For Android

bring back deleted messages
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